1,000,000 Rosaries requested by Notre Dame students for Conversion of Obama



8 April - 17 May, 2009

One Million Rosaries

Please join us in praying for a change of heart for President Obama, particularly regarding the sanctity of life; for the Catholic character of the University of Notre Dame; and for a greater respect for human life around the world. Help us keep track of the number of Rosaries prayed for this intention by using our online counter. (If you are using Internet Explorer 6 or 7 or experience any other difficulties, you may email rosary@ndresponse.com with the number of Rosaries you have prayed so far.)

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Alternately, email us at rosary@ndresponse.com. In your email please indicate how many Rosaries you or your group have prayed since your last email to us.
(Note: In group prayer, a Rosary is counted once per group member.)
Thank you for your prayers!

More than 350 Rosaries prayed so far! More than 1,000 Rosaries pledged so far!

Call to action

In recent weeks the announcement of President Barack Obama as Notre Dame’s commencement speaker has caused much controversy. We, the concerned students at Notre Dame, are attentive to this and have led several efforts to voice our opposition to the decision to honor President Obama with a doctor of laws degree, given his stance on abortion. We know that this controversy has gained much attention worldwide, but we are aware that our story is merely one case among many in which the struggle of Catholics in political life becomes clear. Our sad situation is an occasion for Catholics across the country, and worldwide, to reflect on the tragedy of abortion, the real danger of policies opposed to life, and the important role we must play in fighting for the dignity of all human life. There are many important and necessary ways for us to fulfill this role. We remember, however, that Notre Dame is indeed Our Lady’s University and that our strongest weapon to fight this public scandal and disregard for the importance of life is to have recourse to prayer.

As such, we now call for a Rosary Crusade of One Million Rosaries.
We students will pray the rosary daily for 40 days – from Wednesday of Holy Week (4/8/09) until the day of commencement (5/17/09). We will pray especially for conversion of heart for President Obama, that he might grow to respect life from conception to natural death and that his policies might reflect that (in particular that he will reverse his pro-abortion stance). As a secondary intention, we will pray for the University of Notre Dame, and all Catholic universities, that they might grow in their understanding of what it means to be Catholic and truly embrace their Catholic identity. Finally, we pray that this country, and all countries throughout the world might embrace a greater respect for life in all its stages.

But we know that we cannot achieve this without help. We have found many internet petitions that have been signed in support of this effort and know that one of them has well over 200,000 signatories already. If only a fraction of you join us in prayer for 40 days, we will reach our goal of One Million Rosaries, and perhaps we will even surpass it. We hope that you will join us in prayer, and encourage others – through whatever means – to do the same. We encourage you to visit our website to report how many rosaries you have said for this intention (www.ndresponse.com).

Many of us have responded angrily to this situation, questioning why Our Lord would allow such a public scandal. It is to remind us to put all of our hope in Him, and to redouble our efforts to pray for an end to abortion in this country and across the world. Perhaps all we need to do is to recall the words of our own fight song. Assured of Victory, we call to mind the words of the Blessed Mother given at Fatima: “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

Onward to Victory,
ND Response


This is a very good idea. Can I also join if I’m not American?


ABSOLUTELY! We are ALL God’s children. There is no difference between an American and non-American Rosary with God and His Blessed Mother.:wink:

Welcome and God Bless You.


I’ll pray a Rosary for this intention later today.

(marking this thread)


Please let www.ndresponse know the number of rosaries you say so they can include it/them in the total number. Thanks.:slight_smile:


I’ve just added two rosaries. Maybe I will pray some more later.


Have prayed a Rosary, but when I went to click on the ndresponse website link in this thread, I was unable to bring up the website. Maybe it’s been so active it crashed? Will try again later …



Every day I walk by a statue of St. Martin De Porres at my church I say a prayer for Pres. Obama, that he may experience a conversion of heart and a might change his policies to become pro-life. In my daily rosary I pray for him also. If I pray for a conversion of his heart and a respect for life in his policies but also pray for other petitions will that still count as a rosary for the cause in your book? If so, I’ll have a rosary ever day for the cause.


Wouldn’t that be lovely??

Here it is again, just in case.



Thanks, this time the link worked. :slight_smile:

Now I better write down my new account password really fast before I forget. :thumbsup:

And from the number I see on the prayer counter, we can sure use more rosaries! :gopray2:

~~ the phoenix


Praying with this intention in mind.


We already pray for him daily and will include their intensions and let them know from today onward. I think this is an awesome idea. Pray without ceasing!!:thumbsup:


As of today: April 22, 2009

More than 600 Rosaries prayed so far! More than 1,000 Rosaries pledged so far! Thanks to those who have posted and prayed but:

We have a looooong way to go. Where is everybody?.


Glad for this thread … Prayed a Rosary for this intention yesterday but was on the road so I almost forgot to count it until I was reminded by seeing the thread this morning!

~~ the phoenix


Sorry, I posted the wrong date, it was the 17th Apr. 2009. I do get ahead of myself.


Bumping this thread so that people like me can find the website!


Hi Phoenix. Advise “bumped” please. Thanks.:whacky:


Hello elts1956,

To “bump” a thread means to post so that the thread will be listed at the top, so that more people will see it … and so I can find it again easier.

And here’s the website once again:


Continuing prayers, and hoping for more participants …

~~ the phoenix


Okay, duh. How does one do this? Re-post? :confused:


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