1-child policy has exceptions after China quake

BEIJING - Chinese officials said Monday that the country’s one-child policy exempts families with a child killed, severely injured or disabled in the country’s devastating earthquake.

Those families can obtain a certificate to have another child, the Chengdu Population and Family Planning Committee in the capital of hard-hit Sichuan province said.

With so many shattered families asking questions, the Chengdu committee is clarifying existing one-child policy guidelines, said a committee official surnamed Wang.



Maybe this will be a small step in the right direction for China as they see the consequences of their 1-child policy?

This earthquake shows one of the many suicidal flaws of China’s (and any) “Population Control” policy. China’s birth/survival rate is far below replacement rate for any society to survive. One tragedy like this only exacerbates this the situation.

While the relaxing of the one-child policy is certainly a good thing, may I be excused if I don’t find it particularly compassionate?

It looks to me as though it is being changed only because it happens to suit the purposes of the people ruling China.


So, if you are the second, “illegal” child, are you a second class citizen?? I know there are rediculous “fees” ect, but do you not have all the rights and priviedges as a “regular” citizen??

What an odd policy.

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