1 Corinthians 11:30

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this verse? 1 Corinthians 11:30. :slight_smile:

It’s talking about receiving Holy Communion unworthily, resulting in sickness and death.

Haydock’s Bible Commentary has:

Ver. 30-32. Therefore in punishment of the sin of receiving unworthily, many are infirm, visited with infirmities, even that bring death, which is meant by those words, many sleep. But it is a mercy of God, when he only punishes by sickness, or a corporal death, and does not permit us to perish for ever, or be condemned with this wicked world. To avoid this, let a man prove himself, examine the state of his conscience, especially before he receives the holy sacrament, confess his sins, and be absolved by those to whom Christ left the power of forgiving sins in his name, and by his authority. If we judge ourselves in this manner, we shall not be judged, that is, condemned. (Witham)

Next you’ll perhaps ask why people aren’t dying left and right today. I don’t know other than God’s mercy.

Catholics and Orthodox have believed from day1 that, not only is the “Lord’s Supper” a sacrifice, but that Christ is truly present, just as He said. One must be properly disposed to receive the Body and Blood of the Lord, otherwise one becomes guilty of the Lord’s Body and Blood. Think about that! If your conscience is guilty when you consume the Eucharistic Lord, you profane the Lord and become as guilty of Christ’s death as the Jewish mob or the Roman authorities!

One simple solution is to be absolved of your sin before consuming. But, how do you know you are absolved? In the pattern of our Lord, His ambassador tells you that you are absolved. Done.

Another quick solution is simply to abandon the Supper, or to deny that it is a sacrifice or that Christ is present. Many have done just that - but will it stand up to Christ’s judgment?

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