1 Corinthians 5:5

What is Paul trying to insinuate in that passage concerning saving the spirit of the excommunicated person on the day of the Lord

It sounds to me like St Paul is expressing the hope that any evils the excommunicated person might now experience would lead him to repentance and ultimately lead to his salvation.


The footnote to this verse in the NABRE version reads:

  • [5:5] Deliver this man to Satan: once the sinner is expelled from the church, the sphere of Jesus’ lordship and victory over sin, he will be in the region outside over which Satan is still master. For the destruction of his flesh: the purpose of the penalty is medicinal: through affliction, sin’s grip over him may be destroyed and the path to repentance and reunion laid open. With Paul’s instructions for an excommunication ceremony here, contrast his recommendations for the reconciliation of a sinner in [2 Cor 2:5]


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could you please start posting the passage with these, this is the third one now, and we really shouldn’t have to look up what you mean.

St Paul does not insinuate anything

St Paul is wonderful at Rhetoric though

Yeah, this is one of those confusing elements in Scriptures… the best I can gather is that the Church should reject such acts and excommunicate the perpetrator in hopes that he/she would see the Light and turn from the wickedness that they are committing.

Sadly, human emo takes over and we play the 3 monkeys game (something that the Church continues to wrestle with); goodwill does not change the heart/mind of those who go astray; there comes a time when the sinner must be corrected and purged from the Body in order to Save him/her and the Body.

Maran atha!


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