1 Corithians 8:5


In the NABRE (my bible version) it says this…

“Indeed, even though there are so-called gods in heaven and on earth (there are, to be sure, many “gods” and many “lords”)”

Why does Paul say there are so-called gods in heaven and on earth, I can get how he is saying that they are fake, but what about the fact that he says that they are in heaven and on earth?

“For though there be some that be said gods [For why though there be that be said gods], either in heaven, either in earth, as there be many gods, and many lords”

The Wycliffe says this as well, and honestly it makes no sense to me. Someone care to explain the meaning of thie question above in the 3rd paragraph… and translate from the wycliffe so it can relate more closely to the modern version?

Thank you (:


So-called = self proclaimed.

Satan and others.


In those days, stars and other celestial bodies were thought by many to be ‘gods’; hence, “many ‘gods’ in the heavens”…


St Paul was appealing to the Greeks and their belief in the 'so called ‘gods’ and using that to help explain the One True Universal God… It was an evangelical technique to help them understand. St. Paul does it again in Acts 17:22-27…I happen to really like that…:slight_smile:


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