1 Devil or Many?


I want to understand my faith more clearly. Do we believe in a Devil as in a King or Leader of Hell or do we believe in many Evil spirits. What is a Demon? Are they angels or human? What species are Demons?


Both Angels and demons are pure spirits. Man, on the other hand, is a composite being, made up of both spirit and corporeal matter.

Demons are commonly referred to as unclean spirits since they have set their will against God and are no longer capable of love either. There is a hierarchy of demons as there is with the angels.

Lucifer, otherwise referred to as Satan, is the leader of all these unclean spirits. He is a specific personal being just like you and me or St. Michael or St. Gabriel. But he’s basically a real jerk among other things.

God Bless You and may Our Lady keep you protected under her mantle.


:sad_yes: Satan is indeed a jerk.

There is only one devil, and that is Satan. The angels who rebelled with him are demons.

Demons are fallen angels. They are angels who are morally corrupt. The Good angels remain benevolent.

The good and bad angels are of the same species, with entirely different mindsets.


Satan is THE Devil but any fallen angel is a devil or evil spirit.

Father John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary:

DEVIL. A fallen angel or evil spirit, especially the chief of the rebellious angels, Lucifer or Satan (Matthew 25). Adorned at his creation with sanctifying grace, he sinned by pride and along with many other angelic beings was denied the beatific vision. His abode is hell and he does not enjoy the benefits of Christ’s redemption. Yet the devil remains a rational spirit, confirmed in evil, who is allowed by God to exercise some influence on living and inanimate creatures. (Etym. Greek diabolos, slanderer.)

DEMON. Originally a spirit between the gods and men. In the New Testament a demon is the same as an evil spirit, which may be translated as “devil.” It consequently means a malevolent, invisible being, which the pre-Christian word “demon” did not imply. (Etym. Latin daemon, evil spirit; Greek daimōn, a god, genius, spirit.)


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