1 EO Church FORMALLY recognizes 8th, 9th Ecum

Does a comprehensive list of all Councils (Ecumenical, Orthodox, etc.) as recognised by each Church exist?

You’ll find that the Orthodox don’t quite have the penchant for making lists as Catholics do but here’s a list I found online. It includes accepted and rejected councils. Also there the upcoming Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church being convened in Constantinople in 2016.

Generally, no.

This might interest you:

  1. How many Ecumenical Councils were held?
    A. Seven Ecumenical Councils

That’s from
But note that Melkites are Catholic, whereas I think you were asking about churches in the Orthodox Communion.

Thanks a lot Seraphim. Very useful link. :thumbsup:

Thanks Peter. Although, as you rightly pointed out, I was asking about the Orthodox Churches, this link is also useful.

Do Eastern Catholics not recognize the Ecumenical Councils after the Great Schism, or do they simply not classify them as “Ecumenical”? I was under the impression that Eastern Catholics must accept all that the Catholic Church teaches (just as Latins must do), which I would think includes the infallibility of all 21 councils.

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