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I still could not understand why non-Catholic Christians believe one should pray straight to God alone and that if a Catholic pray for the intercession of Virgin Mary and of the Saints, we take a bite out of 100% devotion to God.

2 cases:
case 1: Mr. A asks a Saint X to pray for him. The Saint X prays to God for whatever Mr. A has asked.

case 2: Mr. B asks his Friend Y to pray for him. The Friend Y prays to God for whatever Mr. B has asked.

If someone says Mr. A didn’t spend 100% of time praying to God, then how is it different when Mr. B also spent some time asking friend to pray for?

If you think Jesus can only accept your prayer and not the Saints in Heaven, you better live on Earth as long as you could to pray for others. If you wish to get to Heaven so soon, you are a selfish person. :smiley:

God bless.


I think the typical Non-Catholic response is that the saint is not omnipresent (is that the right “omni”?) and cannot hear our prayers, so they are falling on deaf ears.

Also, if the saint we are praying to is in the form of a statue, we are crossing the line on idolatry.

I hope I am accurate and not mis-representing other Christians beliefs.


Unfortunately it’s hard to mis-represent other Christian beliefs when they’re all over the board.:confused:


One of the proofs that we know the Saint listen to our prayers and pray for us is the outcome of our prayers:

  • some asked for healing physically and/or spiritually and it has been granted.
  • some asked for loving God more and more each day, and thus his love for God strengthen day by day.
  • some had problem with pregnancy and pray for the intercession of saint, and a healthy boy was born.
  • etc …

Are these answers granted by Satan if we pray to Saints for their intercession?

or … somehow, the Saints couldn’t hear us but God hear us and He answered your prayers for your good intentions?

Let’s suppose we don’t know who answered the prayers, but we praise the Lord anyway? How does God react to our thanksgiving? would He condemn us?


I’ve been trying to get an answer to these very questions. I am a non-Christian, and recently a Catholic suggested that the answers to my prayers, etc, that I get from the Divine…are actually coming from the devil. Even being called out of sin, it is the devil trying to fool me that my faith is true, when it is not.

It makes no sense to me that the devil would lead me toward good, to make me think I’m following the true Divine, but this has been repeatedly suggested to me by Catholics many times over the years.

I have been wondering…“who can we trust?”, when apparently even by the fruits one can’t judge them, according to many people.

Oh, never mind, I know the Catholic response, we can trust the church. Don’t know what I was thinking


Thanks cheddarsox for joining in. You and I are wondering the same thing.

Yes, it is hard, isn’t it? we live in the world that has so many mysteries.

Let us be patient and wait for responses.



are you kidding??? The fact is that all christians pray with the communion of saints. If we ar epraying to a particular saint for interecession then we must believe that intercession is possible. Others will say that it is true that we must trust the Church and while true, it is more important to have faith in what we claim to believe. I, among many, can say to you that I have experienced the grace of praying through a saint and experiencing something extraordinary. The key is faith.:thumbsup:


Thanks mnowlin1. How has the grace of praying helped you in your life? Do you pray more to Saint for intercession and less to God? or do you do both more?



Wow! I’ve been a Catholic for 48 years and I’ve never heard of this one. Satan answering our prayers for our well being.:confused:

Well, God is in all faiths because all faiths contain some truth. As Catholics we believe that we posses the fulness of truth. If we didn’t then we would constantly be searching for what culminates in truth. We know this to be Jesus Christ and yes, His Church which is His presence to us today. Scripture fully supports this as when He ascended He left behind a Church not a New Testament canon of Scripture.

Anyway, at this point I’m sure that you want to rest assured that satan is not pointing you in the wrong direction. Well I don’t know what Catholics you spoke with but this one is telling you to remain in prayer and move along in the journey that is set forth. Many non-Christians hold a spirituality that rivals those who identify themselves as Christians. Just stay in prayer and follow what’s given to you. And say a prayer for me as I will for you and let’s move satan out of this… God Bless:)


Maybe cheddarsox could help us more about how the discussion with the Catholic came about? What was the topic being focused on?

Without knowing details of the conversation, we might not know what those people meant.


Well, of course! And Satan sends us Marian apparitions to draw us into loving God more!

What rock have you been hiding under?:wink:


I guess we all agree there is no time wasted when we ask a saint to pray then? :smiley:


:smiley: The rock in which Christ built His Church, I guess!


Good one!!! :clapping:


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