1 Hour of Adoration... what can I do?

I signed up for 1 hour of adoration on Thursday. This is something totally new for me and I’m a bit nervous, honestly. What do I DO for that hour? I can’t imagine praying for 1 hour straight… and I don’t want my mind to wander so instead of focusing on our Lord, I’m thinking about what I’m going to cook on Easter and whether my girls need new tights to match their dresses?

Are there things I can actually “do” that would keep my mind where it belongs, and if so, what are they?

You can read from your prayer book, say the Rosary or any other prayers, or you can clear your mind and just be with the Lord.

The “clear your mind” part is what I have such trouble with. I’m a little ADHD … my mind just goes without me. :o

I don’t actually have a prayer book so that’s a good idea … I am certain our Catholic bookstore sells them. Can I bring my Bible and just read it?

When I would spend an hour at adoration, I had a couple of prayer books. I also prayed the rosary. But reading the bible would be perfect! By all means take it with you!

Reading your Bible is a excellant idea; I would suggest reading the Last Supper and the Passion in the Gospels.

The main thing is not to worry; the Lord will be with you!

You can certainly take your Bible and read and pray with it. You can read any or all of the four Gospel accounts of the Passion of the Lord. You can read the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, which is the prophecy of the Suffering Servant. You can read and pray some Psalms.

You can also say the Rosary or the Divine Mercy Chaplet, if these are familiar and appealing to you.

It would be good to try and quiet yourself for at least a little while, perhaps after you’ve settled in with some of the reading, just in case Jesus has something to tell you.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly the hour passes.

And, yes, the girls do need new tights to go with their Easter dresses. Buy them now so you don’t have to think about them on Holy Thursday! :smiley:


Good advice all around, especially this which made me laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well praying for one hour doesn’t really sound like a bad way to go, although I can see why in the slam bam culture that we live in actually giving a solid hour to God might be difficult for many to actually do.

Try this. Take your rosary, unless of course you are one of the new breed of Catholics who object to the roasry as being un biblical and possibly blasphemous, and say a full one. All the way. All the mysteries maybe even the luminous ones. That should take you at a minimum about forty five to fifty five minutes, maybe even longer:thumbsup:

If you do object to the rosary as many apparently do, there are other options. Bring a Bible and read for an hour but if you would have trouble praying for an hour reading scripture for an hour is probably unattainable as well. You could bring along a Missal and pray a Mass and that should take most of the hour, but then again there is that praying issue.

A lot of people meditate for the entire hour while others just bring knitting or a good novel. Some spend the hour on their knees in silent adoration while other sit and sleep. Yes I know hard to believe but quite a few do just that. Actually Bishop Fulton Sheen relates that he did exactly that on several occasions and didn’t even realize that he did it.

It is really all up to you.

Are you sure that there is “adoration” on Thursday? We close our chapel up, and the only time is after Holy Thursday mass, which is not exposition.

It is after Holy Thursday mass until midnight. I was told it was “adoration.”

I don’t know what you mean by exposition? :confused:

A certain amount of mind-wandering is totally natural when you start adoration. It is not something that comes naturally, but practice will make you better. I usually begin by praying the rosary, then a little bible reading. I am often surprised by how often I am praying the rosary and meditating on the mysteries when I want to re-read the section of the bible that most directly relates to the mystery I am praying. But I hold off the urge and wait until I have completed all the decades before my Bible reading. It helps me focus on the rosary and gives me a direct passage to find in the Bible.

I’ve never been one of those people that can open up the Book and read anywhere. I kind of need some direction and a goal to my reading.

Some regular adorers will use their adoration time to study any kind of religious material. They will read Church history books or Saint biographies or the like. I don’t know if that would suit every person or situation, but it happens.

Practice makes you better though. Good luck.

There are Catholics who object to the rosary? :eek: I can’t imagine. Thankfully I am not one of them. I love the rosary… but it’s never taken me 45 minutes to say it so maybe I’m not saying it correctly?

I would not have trouble reading the Bible for 1 hour. And I’m not opposed to praying for 1 hour… it’s just I know me… and my mind wanders - and I didn’t want that.

“adoration” is usually the term meaning adoration of the exposed blessed sacrament…when the Eucharist is exposed in the monstrance.

This is not done after Holy Thursday Mass. It’s the altar of repose, in which you clarified where you are going to be.

It’s a term that also has general use, such as what you will be doing Thursday night. Nothing wrong is happening…

What I thought might be is that you signed up for general adoration every Thursday and you would show up and its not going on. Which is not the case.

We have adoration on thursday as well from 7:30 until midnight. I am glad you asked these questions because I was thinking of going and haven’t really been before myself.

what does “altar of repose” mean?

(Forgive me… I am still learning… :o)

The Eucharist is “reposed” in a tabernacle, if possible, in a side chapel. This just means that it isn’t exposed.

Right you are! They did mention that we will be in the side chapel rather than the main sanctuary.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

When you say the rosary at adoration, are you saying it silently or out loud?

If I am in the chapel alone, I will say it quietly aloud. If there are other adorers, I will mouth the words.

We can still adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament when He is in the tabernacle. We have 24 hour “Perpetual Adoration” in our church but the Blessed Sacrament is not always exposed in the monstrance.

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