1 in 6 Americans infected with herpes


About 16 percent of Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 are infected with genital herpes, making it one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, U.S. health officials said on Tuesday.

Black women had the highest rate of infection at 48 percent and women were nearly twice likely as men to be infected, according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

About 21 percent of women were infected with genital herpes, compared to only 11.5 percent of men, while 39 percent of blacks were infected compared to about 12 percent for whites, the CDC said.

Gee, it must be because of all that abstinence-only education right? You know, if only somebody had taught these kids how to use condoms, this wouldn’t be happening…

Whats that? Condoms don’t really protect against herpes, you say? Oh. Well I’m just stumped then!


IMHO I see major flaws in your argument.

Condoms need to be self promoting - in other words they need to sell promiscuity to sell their wares.

The problem, I see, is not in abstinence teaching…but the lack of.
The lack of teaching moral precepts in society. The lack of teaching accountability.

Don’t blame the Church for societies failures…that is a strawman.

I’m a kid…and I know who’s to blame.

I hope this helps

“Because herpes is so prevalent it becomes … a really important reason to use condoms on a consistent and correct basis with all of your partners,” Douglas said.

I can think of a better solution. What a PC toady.

Honestly, the CDC has some pretty severe credability issues. I’m starting to think they are financed by drug and condom companies.

Also, this report represents just what I’ve come to expect from Reuters. Once a respected source of news. Now, quite the opposite.

Here’s a few responses for our entertainment.

  1. Now I’m willing to be the following… the incidence of herpes is lower in random samples of nuns than it is in the general population exluding nuns.

  2. The most likely reason black women have a higher rate isn’t because they are black, it is because of their culture and values.

  3. Currently, HSV-1 causes more primary genital herpes infections in the United States. This article makes it seem like HSV-1 is only for cold sores and HSV-2 is only for genital infections. WRONG. Makes you wonder about their numbers.

  4. Beyonce and Halle Berry just got a whole lot less attractive to me.

  5. How come scientists never tell us the 100% way of avoiding STDs? I mean… 100%. No way of getting them! If used properly, these are 100% ways of avoiding any STD whatsoever!!! Abstinence & Celibacy, if used properly, unlike condoms, ARE 100% effective. But I suppose that doesn’t fit into their ideology.

All the best!

Actions have consequences. Film at 11.

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