1-Jul-08 - Cardinal Schönborn To Moderate Debate on Creation and Evolution at WYD [via EWTN]


Sydney, Jun 30, 2008 (CNA).- The organizers of World Youth Day 2008, which will be held July 15-20 in Sydney, are preparing a debate on creation and e…

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No one has responded to this? What happened to all the creation-evolution regulars in here? You people take the day off or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems the Cardinal recognizes this as a prominent issue for our day! I wonder if this is going to be a Catholic vs. Catholic debate, something like “theistic evolution” vs. “intelligent design” i.e. a theological / philosophical subtle debate like that? Or is this going to be a more radical debate of atheism vs. Catholicism debate? Is this going to be between adults or young people?

Not much detail given in that article, but thanks for the head’s up News Bot! I’ll search around. :thumbsup:

Phil P


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