1 man + 2 women = 3 person civil union

Sounds kind of like polygamy to me:


I guess we must accomodate the Sultans so we can sacrifice reason on the altar of ‘being politically correct -eh?:cool:

Does this man not realise what shoe shopping would be like with two wives?

TOO funny:D

“…what we considered a family before isn’t necessarily what we would consider a family today.”

I cannot think of a better quote to display how man is allowing their personal feelings to shape their reality. “What we consider”… pride goes before the fall, and if this is any indication, our world is in for a major fall.

We are already falling. Demographics are failing. Economy is failing. Our gov’t is failing. Environment is failing. This is all without a major war. Once a good war comes along, it will push us right off the cliff.

Boring! They are all the same species! Just wait…

EEEeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. :eek:

The worst part is that you are probably right.


Wasn’t it inevitable given the logic for polygamy? People are living together in threesomes anyway, so let’s make it legal.

So a mother and son living in sin should have the right to marry because they are “doing it anyway”? When will people ever begin to see that “doing it anyway” is not a rationale for making** anything **legal? :rolleyes:

Hmmmmmmmmm… Such things are a precursor to war -is it not?:cool:

Many lack the prudence that the Holy Spirit provides. We are living in the full fruitation of our “Enlightenment” experiment. Modern liberal democracy societies have no “end-game”. It just keeps getting increasingly liberal w/o any boundaries set.

If everyone has a right to do anything, then you are left with chaos. - Some philospher said this.

I’m led to believe an ever increase in rights will revert society back to authoritative dictatorship. Lets hope I’m wrong.

That is great foresight.

In my own mind, I’m constantly keeping an eye out for how this Western moral decline will produce major wars (such as Nation vs Nation). I havn’t seen it yet, but I imagine their can be a connection.

Any more insightful foresights?

This should open the door now that I can marry myself… O I live me! heh heh :wink:

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