1 or 2 Readers


At your church for Sunday Mass, is there just 1 Reader to read the First Reading and the Second Reading or are there 2 Readers?


On Sundays we have two readers.


At our Parish there will be only 1 reader.



Our Church has two readers on Feast Days and at the Sunday Masses, but only one on weekdays.




One Lector for both Readings.


One, thankfully. I prefer one, it is better imo.


I’d rather it be one, but they like to have many people sign up to be a lector. Because of this, those of us who read only have a chance about twice a year.


4 readers or 3 (if responsorial psalm was sung)


All things being normal: 2.

The first reader processes with the Lectionary (I know, I know, but Canada doesn’t have a Book of Gospels so most parishes still process with the Lectionary), does the first reading and comes back to do the General Intercessions.

The second reader reads the Psalm (if it’s not sung - the case at the Saturday evening Mass) and the second reading.

We have no deacon, so Fr. reads the Gospel.


Sometimes there are 2. It can vary each week. My daughter is a reader. There are always 2 scheduled for Sunday Mass. If both show up the second reader will read the letter and then the intentions after the homily. If there is only one, then he or she will have both readings and the intentions.


Sometimes the prescheduled electors are “bumped” by the Seminarians.


For sunday mass we have 3 readers. The third reader is for the bidding prayers and one of the choir members sings the psalm.


For the record I should state that my opinion about one reader for the regular readings is an aesthetic thing.


Usually there are 2 readers.


Scheduled: 2
Actually there: whoever shows up


There are normally two readers scheduled for Sunday Masses and most holy days of obligation. Normally, there is only one reader for weekdays. However, a lot of the time one does not show, or sometimes both readers do not show. Father likes when there are two readers on Sundays, but sometimes only one will suffice. Always expect to be pulled from the pew if someone does not show!

A couple months after I had started reading, both readers did not show, and I had to read for the both of them. I was so nervous, and honestly, my presentation of the readings was horrible! I was so embarrassed. After that experience, I always familiarize myself with the readings of the day just in case I get pulled at the last minute.


Half the time 2, the rest 1. Or another if you count the deacon/priest. But I assume we just are talking about the laity. I don’t know why there are sometimes different numbers. When my daughter reads (about once a month) there are 2.


It depends on how many volunteers are in the pool, which depends on the Mass. Most Masses, we have two lectors and one cantor. At the 7am Mass, there is only one lector. We always have a cantor at all six Masses. We frequently have a deacon assisting, and he will read the Gospel and General Intercessions.


One lector reads both readings at my parish.

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