1 sperm donor, 150 brothers and sisters

This is but one of the many consequences of this technology and the “lifestyle choices” of many people today. Surreal stuff, this.

"1 sperm donor, 150 brothers and sisters
Without limits for number of kids a donor can father, some parents, doctors have fears about negative consequences

Cynthia Daily and her partner used a sperm donor to conceive a baby seven years ago, and they hoped that one day their son would get to know some of his half siblings — an extended family of sorts for modern times.

So Ms. Daily searched a Web-based registry for other children fathered by the same donor and helped to create an online group to track them. Over the years, she watched the number of children in her son’s group grow. "…

Entire article: msnbc.msn.com/id/44399494/ns/health-childrens_health/?gt1=43001

Interesting stuff I’ve never considered. Thanks for posting!

From the article:

**“These sperm banks are keeping donors anonymous, making women babies and making a lot of money. But nowhere in that formula is doing what’s right for the donor families.” **
I am surprised that many and/or anonymous siblings wouldn’t come to mind for many of these families seeking out sperm donation. Buyer beware?

**Sperm donors, too, are becoming concerned. “When I asked specifically how many children might result, I was told nobody knows for sure but that five would be a safe estimate,” … “I was told that it would be very rare for a donor to have more than 10 children.”

He later discovered in the Donor Sibling Registry that some donors had dozens of children listed. “It was all about whatever they could get away with,” he said of the sperm bank to which he donated. “It is unfair and reprehensible to the donor families, donors and donor children.”

Ms. Kramer, the registry’s founder, said that one sperm donor on her site learned that he had 70 children. He now keeps track of them all on an Excel spreadsheet. “Every once in a while he gets a new kid or twins,” she said. “It’s overwhelming, and not what he signed up for. He was promised low numbers of children**

How much sperm did this man donate to father 70 children? What did they think the sperm bank was going to do with it? I am not sure why it would be a surprise.

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