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Eventually would like (praying this doesn’t sound wrong) one that doesn’t change my skin green but an old medal I used to wear all the time. The silver on it has worn away in spots showing whatever the metal is below (copper, brass? something bronze in color). Ok, found it online here. Now, that has the miraculous medal on it correct? I didn’t even think I’d find this. On the back it says, “I am a Catholic, please call a priest”. 20 yrs ago it was just jewelry to me, these do come in something that won’t change my skin to green right? Doesn’t need to be fancy, not interested in looks… just don’t want green skin. I didn’t think I still had this medal! The dove I assume the Holy Spirit and not sure what else is on this. OK, the link tells me what’s on it, … just want one eventually that won’t turn me green but after what I heard about the miraculous medal… yeah, wanting to wear one again, assume the 4 way is fine?

Or, if someone has an idea of what I can do to this, maybe clear nail polish, to coat it but it could be 30, 35 yrs old. No spending for me for quite some time but for future reference… or what I can do with this old one though I see a section has green on it too… maybe just use it as is. :slight_smile: Though I remember the green skin… need the miraculous medal though I think.

Hi Roza! :slight_smile:

I found an explanation of the medal:

Usually the PEWTER medals turn color.
You can try coating it with clear nail polish if you want to keep that one.

STERLING SILVER or GOLD OVER SILVER or GOLD will not turn color.

Just google for the 4 way medal to get different options/prices from various online stores or go to a local Catholic Store.

Good luck ~ God bless +

I kept wearing when I was on my own but stopped and don’t know if that’s when I really dove into my dumb new age stage but, who knows. Could always attach it to my brown scapular too. I must have had this, could be as young as when I was 6, hard to say. Never thought I’d find it again.

OK, I didn’t know we also called Virgin Mary St. Mary… see, yeah, I think RCIA someday for me might not be a bad idea. Maybe I can still do something to salvage this old one, has been with me a long time.

I’m guessing 70’s or early 80’s at the latest… was silver but coated and beneath it whatever the original metal was that was used in medals like that back then. I know I had a JPII one too back then that had Our Lady of Czestochowa on the other side and it did the same… might just be the way they made them back then… if it was copper with coating over it, don’t know. I figured, I’ll keep the 4 way in my wallet for now, have to find a ring for it… I just found the loose medal.

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