1 timothy 2:12


and women teaching and having authority over men?

what kind of specific teaching is this referring to? is it christian doctrine or secular things like mathematics? and if it’s christian doctrine, is it just in the context of the assembly? what about external things like bible studies or RcIA? i’m confused because it also talks about a woman bearing children a couple verses later.

thanks for the help


From my Lighthouse Catholic Media Study Bible it appears to be in a clerical role. Thank goodness for the Church, hopefully one more knowledgeable has a far better answer.




Teaching and having authority is another way of saying Magisterium of the Church.

Magisterium is the authority by which the Church is able to tell the faithful what is true and what is false in matters of faith and morals. That authority lies with the bishops in communion with the Pope - all of them men.

Paul is telling Timothy not to appoint women as Bishops.



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