1 Timothy 2:15

I’m just curious about this scripture passage. It says that women are saved by childbearing provided they live righteously and are modest. Is it connected to the punishment given by God to Adam and Eve? As this was written after Christ’s atonement for our sins, why would Timothy write this…or was it Paul writing to Timothy? I’ve thought that maybe all the messages and admonitions in the N.T., were actually written to men more than women and our liberal feminist interpretations have included women mistakenly. I don’t know…it’s just a thought I’ve had. I’ve heard an opinion that Adam failed in his job of protecting Eve in the garden so I think that maybe all men are supposed to right that wrong which they obviously haven’t in most cases. Women are often more capable but that’s not the way it was supposed to be. Actually we’re all a mess:( I’m so lucky :thumbsup: to have my husband who not only protects but cherishes me and his family. We had 5 children…plus 2 Viet. refugee teen boys. All grown and we have 16 grandkids and great grands. I’m a 64 yr. old grandmama who loves being Catholic…converted from Episcopal 37 years ago. M.A

Coming from the Ignatius Study Bible, “Motherhood can be a means of sanctification and salvation provided that the mother exemplifies feminine virtues.”

Here is a bookmarked link to the commentary of the Ignatius Study Bible on 1Timothy 2:15.


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