1 Timothy 4:1


**Now the Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Im curious what is meant by ‘doctrines of demons’? I assume the CC is not teaching doctrines of demons, but SOME churches MUST be then…so in your alls opinion, where do you think people are learning these false doctrines? Im also curious what they are, and what they talk about…anyone know of where I could read over some, just to see what they are like, and NOT because Im interested in learning them or spreading them around.

If its from a demon, how do we even know its true anyway? I thought they lied all the time, so it would be difficult to determine what is a lie and what is the actual doctrine.

Im assuming there are ‘churches’ set up where some people worship demons, but Ive never heard of any, does anyone know anything about this? Im just curious what some of their practices are, and some of their teachings.

I know about the Satanic bible, (by Levay I think), but this was written in the 60s or 70s I believe, does anyone have a link or know about the REAL satanic bible, or the actual writings of Satan and the fallen angels? I doubt it goes by the satanic bible, probably more like a very ancient book or scroll even.

Again, Im not interested in worshiping Satan or demons, Im only curious about their teachings and writings.


In my opinion, it probably doesn’t mean that some churches will eventually start explicitly worshiping demons. That has probably happened, but I don’t think that’s what the passage is primarily talking about. It probably means some churches will adopt false doctrines. Perhaps a case could be made that all false teachings are “doctrines of demons,” because Satan is the father of lies.


Read on, he says they will “forbid marriage and enjoin abstinence from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving.” This seems to fit the profile of certain Gnostic sects such as the Manichees, who taught that the physical world is evil. If you want to learn more about them try the CE article. But I agree with dmar198, all heresies could be considered as doctrines of demons.

Incidentally, to anticipate a certain polemic, the Catholic Church does not “forbid marriage” but gives us the option of taking a vow of chastity as a religious; does not enjoin abstinence from foods absolutely, but only as a discipline during certain penitential seasons (and more recently a merely optional form of penance in the U.S.).


The father of lies can mix truth with falsehood, and twist doctrines and moral values so that the bad is believed to be good, and the good bad.

The liar can also seduce minds by concocting esoteric lies that some are deceived by. (new age deceptions, money is number one, coveting power over others, etc.)

To avoid all the many ways the father of lies can hurt us we need to be obedient to the Magisterium of the Church in faith and morals, and strive to live a holy life with all the treasures in the Church that our Lord Jesus Christ gives us, if we would only receive them.


I dont know about anyone else, but I find that just the fact satan is able to do such things as the above is amazing!! Why would God allow a fallen angel that did the unthinkable to his creator, allow him to retain such powers? and why would this angel be given powers like this in the first place? Since Satan is ONLY a fallen angel, he has no more power than any other angel, or anything above what he had before his fall, so this must mean all angels have this ability…??

This just strengthens my belief that Satan is not how he is depicted in the bible and he is simply doing what he was created to do…following Gods orders to a T.


Satan and the demons tempt when God allows them to – and when we resist the temptation we become stronger.

The book “Angels and Demons” by Peter Kreeft is very enlightening , and also the book by Father Fortuna, which I will try to find the name of.


I got the name wrong when I said “Father Fortuna”…he was not the name I should have said.

The priest I meant is Father Jose Antonio Fortea, and he has much information about the evil one and his demons. The name of the book he has written is “Interview with an Exorcist”.


There is no real Satanic Bible. You have watched too many movies.

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