1 Timothy 4 through the eyes of a anti-Catholic?

A coworker was online today looking for scripture that backs up the following: God won’t give you more than you can handle. We couldn’t decide if there was specific scripture or was this based on other scripture such as Phill. 4:13. Anyhoo, she came across this website (Removed anti-Catholic site name)- immediately I noticed all of the anti-Catholic propaganda on this site. One thing that stood out was his use of 1 Timothy 4:1-3. He used this to support his fallacy of the RCC as the whore of Babylon etc. How would a Catholic apologist respond to such lies. I don’t know if there is specific doctrine to address this but I would assume this verse is talking about cults . Any comments would be appreciated.

In Christ, Deborah

That JIL site has long been listed as one of my favorites on my Best of the Best anti-Catholic sites:


Pure propaganda.

As for the charge that the Holy Catholic Church is what’s predicted in 1 Tim 4 - it isn’t. The forbidding of marriage and abstaining from meat/food of which Timothy speaks applies to everyone and all of the time.

Abstaining from meat on designated fast days is just that…a kind of fast. The rest of the time meat is eaten freely. We do not abstain because meat is not good. Even many Protestants fast…are they violating Timothy? Or what about dieting? Is that a violation?

But I’ll tell you what “might” be a violation. The vegetarian movement. Those who practically (some do) elevate it to murder to eat animals. Timothy might also be referring to Judaizing.

The forbidding of marriage is usually applied to priests and religious. But that is a voluntary discipline and does not apply to the Church at large. In fact, Scripture prefers a celibate clergy.

This is an old post, but I was looking for an answer to my question and found it here. While I found my answer, I also found your remark on the ‘vegetarian movement’ to be disturbing. Even though you put the word ‘might’ in quotations, your apparent intention was to generalize all vegetarians as ‘violators’ (read ‘sinners’). Myself a devout Catholic and ‘carnivore’, I am married to a vegan (one who abstains from all animal products). She does so for ethical reasons; because she believes we should not inhumanely treat any of God’s creatures (especially with modern factory farming methods). Is it unethical to believe this? Vegetarians are evil?! (please no Bible quotes like Romans). How would you respond to me asking you over for dinner, then watching me take Rover out back, slitting his throat and draining his blood, and putting him in the oven for 50 minutes at 375 degrees? You should be fine with it - it’s just an animal.
Modern ‘factory farming’ undoubtedly inhumanely treats animals; there is no debate (take a trip to one or a slaughterhouse sometime and there is a good chance that you will not eat meat again). Yes, animals were placed on this earth for humankind…but God commands they be treated humanely. There are many methods which inhumanely treat animals today, and to generically judge all those that believe in humane treatment of animals seems…well, un-Christian.

When you hear someone attack the catholic church just think about all the good the church does throughout the world. Then compare their good works to the source of hatred.

The Bible is a Catholic book, compiled and preserved by the Catholic Church. It’s like the first Catechism of the Catholic Church, with the special distinction of being infallible. Using the Bible to argue against Catholicism is like using the Catechism to argue against Catholicism. Absurd.

I’m curious as to why a thread that is years old has been resurrected.

Seems to be a bunch of them today.

Paul argues against the authority of Peter and James, and espouses a non-apostolic ecclesiology. He argues against salvation by works. He argues against law. He is all for atonement theology. He doesn’t seem to be interested in the ethical teachings of Jesus.
Conclusion: Paul is a Protestant.

The authentic Catholic way is to be found in the writings of James, John, Matthew- the people who actually knew Jesus, the first Catholics.

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