1 Timothy Epistle


What is the meaning of this small passage from 1 Timothy?

Yet she shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety. 1 Timothy 2,15.


In the spiritual sense, that a woman doesn’t need to do/be anything other than a good wife and mother. In the larger meaning, it’s that no one has to aspire to do great things only to be faithful wherever God puts them. I can fully relate to this because I am what is called a “simple housewife.” But, that’s not all I am in the eyes of God, nor does it mean that I contribute nothing to the Church or community by being a housewife. All God asks of me is to be faithful in my vocation as a wife.

From Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary:

Ver. 15. She shall be saved by bearing children, &c. and performing other duties of a wife, with a due submission to her husband, taking care to serve God, and bring up her children in the faith of Christ, in piety, &c. (Witham) — This would perhaps be more properly rendered, from the Greek, by the bringing up of her children in faith, charity, and holiness. This is the duty of the woman; upon the faithful discharge or neglect of which she must expect her salvation, or reprobation, to hang. Thus repairing the evil which the first of all women brought upon man, by seducing him to evil. (Bible de Vence)


and what of the barren and the single? what should such a woman do?


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and what of the barren and the single? what should such a woman do?


All women have special dignity as potential mothers and can function in this capacity in many ways, such as being religious sisters or nurturing others or feeding the poor, etc. It's a spiritual motherhood not just a physical one. :)


Excellent answer!


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