1 word for the Catholic Church


What is ONE word that describes the Catholic Church?


“catholic” (lowecase c) would be the first obvious one. But it’s a false requirement because the Catholic Church cannot be described with only one word, but four to be accurate and precise. The four words are


But if you want one word that is both accurate and can stick in the craw of some people, then I would say the word is:



I would agree with @porthos11 , except it is the Truth, not truth


TRUTH! In its fullness.



Ok, joking aside I’d probably go with “True” or “Truth” because it’s the only one that’s right. That’s why I follow it.


Truth. Jesus gave us the Church with Saint Peter, and his successors; as the foundation.


Truth definitely


Our spiritual mother that is


That word would be “true.”



Veritas is the word.


This :slight_smile: (pop ups attacking me.)



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This is what the Catholic Church inspires me.


The word for me is probably “yesterday”.


I would say it is so rich that the Catholic Church is impossible to describe in just one word. I suppose you have to pick a word that is rich in itself which then challenges people to have a deep reflective reaction.

My word would be either Invitation or Jesus.


As a non-Catholic through the experiences that I’ve had, I’d say: It can be “exclusive”


I would say:



That word would be Truth.



(Opposed by an Antagonist)

The Protagonist, while not perfect, seeks to be more so. Ergo, heroic … if not always victorious in the short run.

The Antagonist - opposes the goals and aspirations of that Protagonist ( i.e. the Protagonist going to heaven and taking loved ones along)


Was going to say this too.

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