10,000 Muslims - 56 Christians


So far some 10,000 Muslim Syrian refuges have been brought to America but only 56 Syrian Christians have been brought here. I think this is an abomination as the Christian community has been specifically targeted in the whole of the Middle East. It is sad that our President who claims the title “Christian” seems to have more concern for Muslims than his Christian brothers and sisters. Something to do with changing the fabric of America perhaps?


You need a news link.


I found a second one for Fox News haters:


It is hard to understand these numbers as random, even if you are not a conspiracy junkie.


The Fox News article offers a couple explanations:

Experts say another reason for the lack of Christians in the make-up of the refugees is the make-up of the camps. Christians in the main United Nations refugee camp in Jordan are subject to persecution, they say, and so flee the camps, meaning they are not included in the refugees referred to the U.S. by the U.N.

However, Kristin Wright, director of advocacy for Open Doors USA – a group that advocates for Christians living in dangerous areas across the world – told FoxNews.com that another reason is many Christians are choosing to stick it out in Syria, or going instead to urban areas for now.

“Many have fled to urban areas instead of the camps, so they may be living in Beirut instead of living in a broader camp, meaning many are not registering as refugees,” Wright said. “They may still come to the U.S. but may come through another immigration pathway.”

If I understand correctly, the US resettlement program depends on referrals from UN refugee camps. So if Christians tend to avoid those camps, then they no opportunity to participate in the US program.


So the US program uses a system known to persecute Christians? That seems to prove the numbers are not random.


The Obama administration, for obvious reasons, is deliberately facilitating mass immigration of groups judged likely to vote Democrat.


One of the explannations is that many Christians prefer to fight for Assad.


Russia and the Christians are fighting on the same side. America is fighting for the other side. Can anyone explain why America is so set on getting rid of Assad when the Christians want him to stay?


Happenings like this remind me of the Battle of Lepanto. Steadfast prayer and faith conquers.
All believers need to grow spiritually, (the grace is available) pray much and act according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

When the Light of Christ in the Body of Christ (the Church) increases, then the darkness will recede.

Jesus have mercy…Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us.


Because we can’t help sticking our nose in where it doesn’t belong and we don’t understand the world would be a much better place if we were to mind our own business.

The United States has a duty to protect those that are on the receiving end of tyrannical oppression, such as Bashar Assad’s murdering of protestors, but our involvement by providing cash and weapons and training to certain rebel groups has indirectly aided ISIS, which we are also fighting. We are our own worst enemy :frowning:


Nice reasons why there are only 56 Christians (1. They went elsewhere and are not registered as refugees 2. They remained in Syria, probably to fight for Assad). I think something is really wrong in the system, because these figures just don’t add up for such weak excuseso 56 : 10,000 (when the 56 is part of the target group being massacred).


My son has a former schoolmate who runs an organization that rescues Christians in Syria and Iraq from persecution. It’s a very dangerous mission for those involved in it, as it requires crossing into the war zones constantly. They have tried desperately to get the U.S. to take them, but meet a stone wall of resistance from this administration.

I’m not sure what Obama’s “Muslim preference” refugee policy is about, but there is no reasonable doubt that he has one. Now, it does need to be recognized that there are some very big money Muslims in this country who contribute almost entirely to the Dem party, Obama and Hillary Clinton, some of it with money this country gives to the Palestinian Authority and comes back here. I would LOVE to say a lot more about that, but I don’t dare to do it. However, people can research it without a whole lot of trouble.

And, of course, when policies were set for the preferred importation of Muslim refugees, what current candidate received millions of dollars personally from Wahabbist foreign governments that don’t care a thing about Arab Christians?


Christians in Syria are not with the regime because it is the best thing in the world but the alternative is Isis or something similar, they are choosing bad instead of worse.
Some Syrian Christians are wealthy, they move to Lebanon where the Christians still have some presence and influence.

Neithet Russia nor the usa or any world power is fighting for the christians, they are fighting for their interest like for Russia to have a naval base on the Mediterranean, no one cares about the Christians, they are used as posters in conventions.
Most of the Syrian Christians are Greek Orthodox and melkite Catholic, with lesser numbers of Syriacs and Roman Catholics known as Latins in the area.

Pray for them.


I happen to agree with you. except I’m not American, so I usually keep that quiet opinion to myself, but since you brought it up. yes, I thik the American government has definitely meddled in too many things outside the country when they shouldn’t have. this certainly isn’t the first time.

on a different note. I guess all the American cahtolics must work extra hard with the cooperation of the holy spirit of course, there are 10000 new converts waiting to happen.

instead of treating them as enemies, they are still created by God and need the good news of the gospel, which is often hard to get if they live in a muslim dominated country which has probably fed them much propaganda about Christians, kind of like how protestants receive a lot of misinformation about catholics.

Islam, as a relgion, has its serious problems, but not all muslims are trying to kill us and even if they are, they think they are doing it for God, so that means, deep down somewhere, they are searching for him, albeit in a wrong and twisted way.

pray for them, treat them well and be good Christian witnesses. God will take care of the rest


Christians do not base giving charity to others on their religious background, also why is the term Christian in reference to your president placed in inverted commas? There are particular reason why Christians make up a lesser percent of refugees which are problematic and which other posters touched on but those problems are ones Obama would fine hard to solve as it would involve restructuring a society which has virtually collapsed in Syria and where he would be perceived as an outsider in any case.


Since the United States is not the world’s police, but is apparently at the world’s beck and call for help, do let us know when we are allowed to do anything outside our Continental borders…

It gets tiresome hearing about the US meddling, and at the same time, hearing we aren’t doing enough (Somalia comes to mind - if we aren’t the world’s police, why would we help in Darfur?). Or that we are need to mind our own business, at least until the next terrorist attack or natural disaster, when the phone starts ringing in the White House. The “world” doesn’t get to dictate when the US should use its money, resources, and citizen’s lives.

We could just go back to a world of “every man for himself!” but what a wholly uncCristian world that would be.


The Russian soldiers fighting there have shown via their blood that Russia has honoured it’s alliance. Of late a Russian officer killed himself by calling an airstrike on himself rather than surrender to IS, I think the Russians have no need to prove their commitment. Also the Russians are a historically Orthodox nation and have more in common with the Christians there than most in the west would. Russian soldiers have fought and died (and are still dying) on the field of battle there. Of course there are no absolutely pure motives but the Russians could have simply avoided the whole shooting match as the base you mention was and is quite small and is more of a repair station.


America’s meddling creates chaos and is not done from a Christian POV, but rather in order to gain strategic footholds. If it wasn’t strategic to overthrow Assad, they would not be interested.


So you don’t want us meddling, ever?

Or only when you dictate when to get involved?

Is it okay to spend money and send troops when Japan has an earthquake? What about an Indonesian tsunami? Why are their cries from so many to help out in Darfur?

Believe me, I am fine with every country pulling back all of its troops, money, and support and caring for itself, but I hardly think that is going to happen.

You are pointing to specific examples without admitting the main point which is you want help from the US, but only on your terms.


I think it is certainly fair for other nations not to be invaded or used for proxy wars with other states. Disaster relief is a rather different thing. However US foreign policy like that of many other large states and empires has a times caused problems in various regions of the world as well as helping people. It’s a rather mixed bag historically.


I agree in reality, but just being clear, since people like to complain loudly, but yell for help equally loudly. And you may believe disaster relief to be a different thing, but that is in the end your opinion. Since there is no official policy guidebook for this sort of things, it seems we are again, picking and choosing what foreign affairs we want others involved in.

WW2 - good help.
Darfur - good help.
Disaster relief - good help.
Syria - meddling.
Iraq - meddling.

There are many examples in history that the US had no hand in the genesis of, and still, aid was sought. Why? It is none of our business.

No country likes being used, or being dictated to regarding their own wealth, citizenry, or resources.

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