10 best magazine covers of the decade

According to First Things. I vote for nos. 1, 8, 6 & esp. 10.

No 1:


I liked this cover: flickr.com/photos/86957127@N00/2786347267/ from The Economist. I love your signature.

At age 50, I’ve come to the point where (with small exception) no magazine is worth buying.

The last magazine I glanced through, Time had Pope Benedict on the cover, June 2010 with the title: “Why Being Pope Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”.

I read the corresponding anti-Catholic one sided article and once again came to the conclusion that no magazine is worth buying.

What about the pregnant Demi Moore cover on Vanity Fair that caused a big stir? How could that have been overlooked? The one time motherhood - choosing life - was praised in a secular magazine, and it doesn’t make the list? :confused:

The Vanity Fair cover with a pregnant Demi Moore is an example of exploitation. The magazine describes itself as a “cultural catalyst” and is very worldly, and should be avoided.

Too many magazines have allowed themselves to be exploited for evil. With rare exceptions, I think magazine covers do not represent creativity as much as selling manufactured cultural iconography, and manufactured identities that they hope people will adopt. I think a list of the Worst Magazine Covers of the Decade would be far more instructive.

It appears, again, with very few exceptions, glamor photography has adopted a philosophy I call: How To Make Bad Pictures Of Womans.

God bless,

#8 Says so much with no words.
#3. Still funny! (I like dark humor)
#1 Most poignant.

Thanks for posting this. #1 is my #1.

Speaking of New Yorker covers–my dad used to subscribe to the New Yorker and he had piles and piles of them (he tended to horde). After he passed, I found them. Some were going back to the 60s. I decided to save just the covers. They are really succinct commentaries on politics, art, culture, whathaveyou.

Oh Puleaze.

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