10 Catholic campuses to host V-Monologues this year

At least 10 Catholic colleges and universities in the US will host productions of The Vagina Monologues this academic year, the Cardinal Newman Society reports.

The performance—an annual event on many American campuses—are scheduled at:

*]Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts;
*]Georgetown University in Washington, DC;
*]DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois;
*]Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky;
*]St. Louis University in Missouri;
*]Fordham University in New York;
*]Loyola University of New Orleans, Louisiana;
*]Loyola University of Chicago;
*]St. Mary’s College of California; and
*]Seattle University in Washington.



I know at least one campus in India which can be added to that list.

Heaven help us.

I ran into that stage performance about women talking about their virginias at Indiana University and feel it was out of place for a secular school. Paid for by tax dollars and donations I would have been embarrassed to bring my mom to one of the university theater events. The director liked doing this genre of exaggerated sexual exploits on the stage, you never knew when to go see a stage performance.

what is the purpose of them? Seems absurd to me to sit around acting out or narrating something like this. But then again, I’m a man. :confused:

I cannot figure out for the big booby prize why on God’s green earth the DO this stuff? What are they proving by it? What a sad thing.

My oldest daughter went to a Catholic College and they did this. She went out of curiosity and walked out disgusted. She was confused and called me on the phone the next day and I still have the same answer for her today that I had back then: I have no clue why they do such nonsense in of all places, a CATHOLIC school.


It’s supposed to make them feel empowered or something. I figure the first thing they should do is find out exactly what a vagina is because it’s very clear from some of the monologues that the author didn’t know.

Ten Catholic schools that should lose that designation as being Catholic. :mad:

This is the college which in the past had the play shown on Ash Wednesday. It seems weird that Roman Catholics celebrate Ash Wednesday this way. It seems like before Vatican II, they celebrated Ash Wednesday in a more reverent fashion than now, when they show the V-monologues.

Many of the monologues are very touching, funny, and devastating.
They are all true-to-life stories about women and their experiences…describing giving birth, getting your period, experiences at the ob/gyn, and even rape in Bosnia…genital mutilation…

It’s women sharing stories about women–some sweet, some difficult to hear.

I don’t imagine a man would be as interested, true.


I am a woman and I think it sounds distasteful. First just because of the title. Surely who ever wrote this could come up with a different title and then it seems like there is a total lack of modesty in telling such stories, on stage, in front of people, people they don’t know. There are so many other great and wonderful stories that could be put into a play production.

I read the play and then I watched the movie. I was prepared to experience something wonderful. I experienced women beating other women over the head with words. I don’t have to read/hear about lesbian rape of a child being a great thing for the child, I don’t need to hear the word c**t repeated over and over again. I particularly don’t need a playwright justifying a play by explaining how surprised she was when she asked women over and over if they’d ever looked at their vaginas and was shocked when they said ‘no’. All I could think was, “Unlike you, they must have known what a vagina was and known that to look at their own would have required a speculum, a mirror and contortions.”

The entire project just made me angry that women have fallen for this garbage.

You know, it seems strange to me that for decades women have been told NOT to accept ‘biology is destiny’ and have been furious that males have objectified the female body . . .and then along comes this play and it is supposedly so hugely popular. Can you imagine the uproar there would have been had there been a play called “Peter Peter” and it was monologues all about a man’s p-nis?

Oh really? How about the one where a 13 year old girl (or is it 16 year old) is seduced by an older woman into having lesbian sexual relations and supposedly this is her salvation. This is something new where a female child is raped by an older woman and this is supposed to be something quite beneficial for all concerned, including the child? And this is how Roman Catholics celebrate Ash Wednesday at “Holy Cross” college campus in Worcester, MA?

Did you miss the word "devastating? Did you read the other examples?

Just because the story is included doesn’t mean they are saying it’s a good thing.


What I missed was the word pornography. I also missed the fact that the V monologues encourages deviant lesbian feminist lifestyles. Since when did deviant lesbian lifestyles become acceptable to Roman Catholics? Why should such lewd feminist lesbian deviance be celebrated on Ash Wednesday by Roman Catholics on a Catholic college campus in Massachusetts?

!. What pornography?
2. I read something on why it was scheduled when it was. Probably not a good sign that a Catholic college didn’t know when Ash Wednesday was. On the other hand, it has surprised me a couple of times.
3. The play isn’t about lesbians or their lifestyles. If you want to make it solely about that so you don’t have to actually think about some of the other uncomfortable topics (rape, genital mutilation), fine.

Just so you know, I’m not a fan or champion of the play but keep posting things that are ignorant or uninformed and I will keep replying and discussing about the Vagina Monologues.

" is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal."

Yep, it’s pornography.

There isn’t anything remotely arousing about the play. Not even a little bit. I’ve seen it. I found it kind of boring, and documentary-like. It was performed by amateurs so that might have something to do with…something.

So, no, it’s not pornography.

I think it is very sad that we as women voice how much we want to be thought of as more than just sexual objects and and then we put on a production and take it all around the country and call it by our sexual parts, and that these sexual parts are doing the talking and thinking. This makes no senses to me. It is like saying, “we women, this is what we are; v…s. This is where our thinking comes from.” How sad, that women are being lied to and are not realizing that we are so much more. We are daughters of God, Jesus the Lord. We do have brains. Our thinking comes from the God gives us the ability to use our brains to do God’s will. There are a lot of women out there who are doing so much more to help women than anything like this production could do. There is no modesty in this, no feminity in this and no dignity in this. Do we women have to put our issues up on stage? It is shameful.

If these Catholic colleges wanted to bring people in to speak on women’s issues, there are a great many Catholic women out there who would do it in a Catholic godly way. These are the people Catholic colleges should be calling upon.

These schools definitely need our prayers.

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