10 Comforts of RCC Christianity

I call it RCC Christianity, cause most of these are specific to it:

  1. It is rather, comforting, to know, you can put your trust in one Man-God, and that is all you need (of course, showing your faith by action is also part of it, if you ask me).

  2. Being able to confess to someone, and not worry about them telling on you, even if its a grave crime.

  3. Membership in one of the largest, if not largest, spiritual community in the world.

  4. History, of over 2000 years, that has been recorded, and one of the neatest libraries ever (Vatican Library)

  5. Friends everywhere, you can find a Catholic website on the internet, by google. You can find a catholic radio station (usually), you can find a Catholic TV Channel (EWTN).

  6. Aid, you can get aid from the Church, if your struck by misfortune, and they will passionately help you (so far that I can see)

  7. Charity to others, you can help others in other countries, through your own god.

  8. Mass, you get to learn about your holy book, every sunday, and I think most Catholic Churches have daily mass.

  9. Missionary, you can become a missionary in the RCC, go to Africa/Asia/South America, to help poorer people, and teach them of Christ (I believe this is possible, through the RCC)

  10. After-Death Knowledge, if you believen the bible, you also believe their is life after death, in heaven/hell/purgatory, which is more comforting then not knowing, if you turn into nothingness, after life.

So what are the comforts of Taoism and Buddhism that in your opinion make them a more attractive option for study and consideration than the RCC?

haha, I’ll pm you.

Others than Lily might be curious too so please post public.

Could you explain #7 further?

The others are interesting to observe your point of view and I appreciate the distinction made with respect to recognizing something unique; accurately described or not, to Catholicsm from (American) Christianity.

I think another great comfort of the Church and of Christianity in general is that we are never alone. God is always with us, and he can always help us if we ask.

That was a very nice list. It was comforting to read, which I think was your intent. Thank you.

  1. True.

  2. False. Catholics confess to Jesus through the priest. The seal of Confession isn’t so we don’t get ratted on, it’s because our confessed sins are literally destroyed in God’s Mercy, like twigs thrown in a roaring fire.

  3. True.

  4. True.

  5. True. There are also many “Catholic” websites I’ve run into that are actually anti-Catholic and (at times) anti-Semetic.

  6. True.

  7. True.

  8. False. Catholics go to the Mass to augument their union with Jesus Christ (a fruit of Holy Communion). It is an obligation to go on Sunday, but Catholics are also warmly recommended to go to Mass as often as they can - ideally everyday. We can read the Bible any day or time we want.

  9. True. But you need permission to be a missionary. No Catholic can simply do missionary work anytime he or she feels like it. The reason is because missionary work requires preparation, support, and direction, especially when you go into war-torn nations.

  10. False. Catholics believe in the last things (death, judgment, resurrection, Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory) becuase it is the teaching of Jesus Christ, which is also the teaching of His Apostles, which in turn is Sacred Tradition, which again in turn is where the Sacred Scriptures come from.

I second that it’d be interesting to know what makes Taoism and Buddhism better (at least in your eyes). For me personally, I want to know what people of other faiths/practices believe. Please be so kind as to indulge us. :smiley:

Thank you Eucharisted for clearing up those bits. I’d add another comfort:

  1. Finding peace in God no matter what the world throws at you.

I call it RCC Christianity, cause most of these are specific to it:

  1. It is rather, comforting, to know, you can put your trust in one Man-God, and that is all you need (of course, showing your faith by action is also part of it, if you ask me).
  1. Being able to confess to someone, and not worry about them telling on you, even if its a grave crime.
  1. If you mean the Incarnation, all standard Christian churches believe that. It’s not peculiar to Roman Catholics.

  2. Orthodox and the non-Chalcedoninan Eastern Churches have private confession, too, with the same obligation of the seal of confession.

Most of the rest of what you mentioned is not specifically Roman Catholic, either.

1-2 They are both in the RCC, and I didn’t want to exclude them.

lol, sorry, next time, I’ll name it 10 Comforts for Christianity.

For one, I never said that wasn’t so, but I was pointing out, you can confess a dark thing that you’ve had in your closet, and you do not have to worry about it going from a secret, to a public press note on AOL news.

For Eight, Once again, I never said you didn’t, I simply pointed out, you go to mass and learn from the bible, if thats not true, then I am sorry for stating a false claim.

For Ten, I do not see where I denied this in the thing, but alright

You spread charity, through your church, and god. You help people in Africa, not only with food/water/education/ect, but you also teach them of your god, which, if I am correct (if I am not, point it out) is just as important, cause salvation is just as important as breathing, right?

To Verisimilitude: I find comfort in meditation, I find comfort in reading the Tao Te Ching, I do not believen Jesus Christ is the son of god, so I can’t really compare it, since one doesn’t believe he is, and one does. I also find comfort in the Tao. If your wanting a definition of the Tao, then your never gonna find a complete definition, the first verse in the Tao Te Ching states “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Toa”.

To my mind, the greatest strength of Catholicism lies in the Sacraments and Sacramentals.

And it has a great story. That’s its best selling point.

My greatest comfort is in knowing that I have found the Truth, and that He loves me.

The definition of charity is love for God, so all that we do is out of love for Him. He taught (and commanded) us to love one another, even our enemies and so we follow his commandments because we love Him.

“It is more important to remember God than it is to remember to breathe.”
– St. Gregory of Nazianzus.

Those in places like Africa do great acts of charity to comfort those in need and teach about God who loves them and wants them to be saved. The state of their eternal soul is more important than the temporal state of their bodies.

From your description of Tao that cannot be defined, I see a lot of similarity to trying to grasp God, who is infinite. We have been blessed in that God has chosen to reveal Himself to us and let us know many things of Him but we cannot understand it all. Even those things that have been revealed like the mystery of the Holy Trinity cannot be fully comprehended by us. Seems like Tao Te Ching was trying to grasp for God and knew that words would never suffice to describe Him.

Me too!

In the Tao Te Ching, it states, Page 1, Verse 3: The nameless is the origin of heaven and earth" the nameless being Tao.

Maybe to you, but the Tao Te Ching, at least most believe, was written by Lao Tzu, in the 6th century BC, I doubt he was grasping for god, but if you want to believe that, then believe it with all your might.

The priests are obligated to tell people to turn themselves into the police if they have committed a crime.

Maybe so, but priests are not allowed to tell the police are they?

Forgive my ignorance on the author but the fact that it’s ancient only adds to my reasoning that he was trying to grasp God. You state Tao is the origin of Heaven and Earth, and God is the origin of ALL things. You can’t deny these “coincidences” to be interesting, right?

Catholicism may only be less than 2,000 years old but you have to remember it extends beyond it through Jewish tradition which is older and even that extends all the way to the earliest days of man as God slowly prepared us to come to know and accept Him.

And you’re right that Catholic Priests can’t go to tell the cops, even under interrogation. They do give counsel and guidance though, which is what Eucharisted meant, telling them to do what is right.

No, I do not. Humanity always has a urge for something higher. Do you think it’s a coincedence that the RCC preaches of a higher being? Could the actual higher being be Tao? Probably not to you, and thats the reason your Catholic, and I am Taoist. I do not see how you can say he was searching for god, but I guess you do not see how I can believen the Tao either.

I agree that man has shown to always look to something higher. I said “coincidence” in quotations because I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

What I’m saying is that I think that Tao is the same as God: eternal and infinite. In essence I think we’re speaking of the same thing, though specifics on what we believe varies

In any case, I hope I wasn’t coming of as harsh or confrontational. I always find the contrasts and similarities between Catholicism and others interesting.

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