10 Commandments of Chivalry


I’m curious as to what yall think about chivalry in modern times: 10 Commandments of Chivalry.

Reactions? thoughts? agree or disagree?


Thank you.Great video.As a former US Marine, Vietnam era,I agree with this video.(If there is such a thing.Once a Marine,Always a Marine.Semper Fi=Simper Fidelus means always faithful).Rocky


please warn us when the link you post is to a youtube because many of us have reasons from not wanting to go there, for that matter, along with the link please tell us something about the site to which are directing us


I think it makes some good points :slight_smile: don’t really disagree with it…


There’s nothing really wrong with it that I can see. I liked it! :slight_smile:


“Make war against the infidel”? Seriously, no disagreements here?

Even the 10th commandment - always fight injustice and evil - has to be weighed against the need in some situations to “turn the other cheek” or to “let the weeds grow along with the wheat until the harvest, lest the wheat be uprooted along with the weeds”. The real battle is for souls, not for the last word, even when one knows one is right.


Nope no disagreements, but of course war can be fought in many ways not just with swords :wink:

Stopping the spread of infidelity which is promoted by infidels helps to save souls.

Infidelity been the opposite of fidelity which is another word for Faith.

You don’t support infidelity do you? Or let it pass you by unopposed without caring how many souls it drags down to the pit?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing, will you stand by and do nothing and let evil be victorious?

There is a war going on, there has always been a war going on, ever since Satan rebelled against God, the question is will you fight and who for?

Or will you turn the other cheek out of cowardice instead of necessity and allow the antichrists to have the victory which you could have won for our Captain if you had just fought the good fight?

He who does not fight for Christ is against Christ, so says our Lord. (Luke 11:23)


I don’t see what arguing or “having the last word” has to do with anything. Of course the battle is for souls. Check this out, the Knight’s Prayer, carved outside the Chartres Cathedral in France:

“Most Holy Lord, Almighty Father…Thou who has permitted on earth the use of the sword to repress the malice of the wicked and defend justice… cause Thy servant before Thee, by disposing his heart to goodness, never to use this sword or another, to injure anyone unjustly; but let him use it always to defend the just and right.”

:knight1: :knight2:


I agree…



This is a good idea.

For people looking to ‘look ahead’ when clicking on a link, if you go to the ‘view’ option in the ‘menu bar’ on top of your browser, there is a ‘status bar’ menu item. If you click it, it will get a check mark, and on the bottom of your browser, whenever you put your mouse pointer on a link, before you click it, it will tell you the name of the site you are going to. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:



I have to say that I quite liked it! Thanks for posting it! Wish I knew what the music was though, it was awesome too.


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