10 commandments


Are the 10 commendments weighted the same. If not, why.

Any resources or links would be helpful. Thanks.


Jesus said that the most important is to love God.
Second to love your neighbour. It follows the first because God is the principle of love.
If you keep these two you will hardly ever break the other eight.


Right, but that as far as the most important commandment.

As sins go, there is some that weighs more, some less.


I think that the whole ten commandments involve loving God and neighbour. I think the most important would have to be nos 1-3 which refer to loving and honouring God because this is the basis of the others. The rest refer to loving our fellow-human beings, from the prohibition to kill to the prohibition to covet and the rest in between. This is the way I see it :slight_smile: though I don’t have any references or links to hand :blush:


I seem to have trouble with the eigth. Gossiping. It’s idle talk, but yet this is very easy to get caught up in.
I’ve been doing better since I’ve been paying attention to what I’m listening to and sayinng. I change the subject, it works.

God bless,

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