10 German Dioceses Push for Major Changes During Upcoming ‘Synodal Path’

"According to a joint open letter released in Germany, vicars general say ‘fundamental reform’ is ‘essential’ and ask that accusations that participants are ‘lacking orthodoxy’ be avoided during the two-year synodal process. "

The ZdK, which openly supports ending priestly celibacy, ordaining women and blessing same-sex couples in churches, is to work closely with the German bishops during the process.



And from the comments section below the article:

Posted by DJR on Wednesday, Nov, 6, 2019 6:25 PM (EST):

They could save a lot of time, effort, and money by just publicly acknowledging what everyone already knows: They are not Catholic, and they don’t wish to be.

In other news from the German speaking world: “Father Michael Kopp presided recently over a homosexual pseudo marriage between two lesbians. The abomination took place in St. Margarethen parish church, Wolfsberg, Austria.”


The specter of Luther and (Karl) Marx truly is haunting Germany still. How many exorcists would the Church need in order to exorcize an entire nation like Germany?


German Bishops: “We’re going to propose a bunch of things that are contrary to the Catholic faith, but please don’t call us out on it!”


Why do they need a “synodal path?” Don’t they have Episcopal churches in Germany?


I think some of the German church will break off. Which is so weird because they had a Pope 6 years ago and they have a perceived progressive Pope now. So odd that this group is pursuing the things they are.

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This could be applied to every country.

I too, think the German Church needs reform… starting with evangelization and teaching the truth. When more than half of Germany’s priests go to confession only once a year or less, there’s clearly a problem. Oh, and get rid of that stupid Church tax too. It’s like a parasite for the German Church. And the fact that they’re working with the ZdK is absolutely ridiculous.

This is the fruit of relativism. Do the German bishops really think that diving deeper into relativism will solve their problems? Germany is basically mission territory at this point.

At least there are some sensible bishops like Cardinals Brandmuller and Woelki that are calling baloney on this.


I think it makes perfect sense (from their point of view) that they are pursing this agenda now, as they believe, not without good reason, that they have a Pope currently in office who will either 1) support their changes, or 2) at the very least not block them (which in my view would be just as bad as outright supporting them).

If Pope Francis puts his foot down and stops their plan, would they break off? That’s probably the more difficult question to answer. If they can’t get Pope Francis to go along with their charade, they may decide to wait out his papacy and hope that the Cardinals he has appointed select someone even more radical than him (conceivably even Cardinal Marx himself, although I hope he would be considered far too radical to be elected Pope). Or they may take the view that they will never get their agenda pushed through and decide to outright defy Rome, causing a de facto schism. I personally doubt a “formal” break will happen, it would probably be more of a situation of outright disobedience or heterodoxy that is tolerated by Rome. The worst that it would get is that they would be more like a liberal version of the SSPX; they would be considered Catholic but not in perfect communion with the Church. But I doubt it would even go that far.

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I think they’re over-estimating Pope Francis’s supposed “progressiveness.” He has publically warned them not to do anything drastic. I sincerely think that he will put his foot down, when this is all said and done.

What the German Church would do if this happens is anyone’s guess.


We have plenty of weird modernist faux branches of the real Catholic Church. Let’s just acknowledge that this German offshoot is just another weird fake church masquerading as part of the real church (just like those churches that act like they are ordaining women).

I just watched a great interview with him , I will link it if i can find it.

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They are Catholic. Baptism leaves an indelible mark. Being wrong does not make one cease to be Catholic. It simply makes one wrong.


I seriously wonder what it is like to be a Catholic in Germany. The portrait that has been painted over the years in the American Catholic media is not a very flattering one. It makes me wonder if there are pieces of the story we are missing. Pope Benedict came from there. So did Cardinal Muller. These are some pretty solid, heavy-hitting theologians and Church leaders. It makes me feel like there must be more going on than what I am hearing about.

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