10 New Priests Ordained for the Diocese of Wichita KS


A large ordination class for May 2017




This is great news. How did they get so many? My diocese has tons of active parishes and tons of Catholics, yet I think they only had an ordination class of like 2 priests.

Of course, the real test will be how many of these guys stay in the priesthood for their entire career as opposed to dropping out after a few years. I hope they all would stay but it seems like people feel so free to leave nowadays.


Congrats! We ordained eight new priests here n Denver!:thumbsup:


I don’t live in Wichita but visit often. The diocese could be conservative by many. I think what makes them unique is that the Catholic Schools are supported by the parishes such that if you are a parishioner your kids go to Catholic School for no tuition. The dynamic of course is your donations are tax deductible, and tuition is not. I don’t believe a school has been closed in a very long time.


Praise The Lord. Praying to the Holy Spirit to give give the newly ordained guidance & direction in their Ministry.


Five new ones in Lincoln. :slight_smile:

Good thing, too, since we loaned two of our priests to dioceses with shortages (Gallup, NM and some place in Alaska).


:thumbsup: that is good news!

Congrats to the new priests who have been ordained this year everywhere!


Ten priests ordained as well as ten transitional deacons who, presumably, will be ordained to the priesthood next year. This in a diocese of only 120,000 Catholics. Congratulations to Bishop Kemme.


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