10 states sue over restrooms transgender students can use


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Ten states are suing the federal government over rules requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms conforming to their gender identity.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in federal court in Nebraska. The other states involved are Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson says in a news release that the U.S. Education Department and Justice Department have circumvented established law and the process for changing existing laws. Peterson also says the rule takes away the authority of local school districts to deal with such issues on an individualized basis.



It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Thanks for the link.


10 states sue, 10 states will lose. Even the Republican nominee doesn’t care which bathroom Kaitlyn Jenner or Chaz Bono use. This is truly grasping at straws.


Of course, my state, The Land of Fruits and Nuts, is not on the list. :mad:


Right next door in Nevada, and I think we are becoming the same.:mad:


No, but Montana is within the area covered by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are part of the newest lawsuit.

If the May lawsuits are included, eight of the eleven US court of appeals could possibly be involved. On the other hand, perhaps the appeals is restricted to the area where the lawsuit was filed? i.e. the current lawsuit was filed in Nebraska so would any appeals be restricted to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals?


I am disappointed there are only 10! :frowning:


I am glad that conservative states are taking a stand against the federal government. Two of the states involved in this lawsuit were states of the former Confederacy. They have a history of fighting for states’ rights. I hope this lawsuit succeeds.


In May, representatives from eleven additional states also filed lawsuit seeking to overturn this policy. (Granted, in one case it was the governor, and not the state. And in another, it was some school districts within the state, and not the state government)


So that makes 19 or 21 different states, so far. Perhaps more will join in?


Hope so. Thanks for the info.


I hope they win.



I work in the school district as a paraeducator now and I can just see the future. Mandated classes on how to use the bathroom in accordance with your gender “identity.” It seems to me this can only confuse children regarding as such. How sad to me. I like the comment that schools should be able to handle this on an individual case by case basis.

I just wonder how this plays out in “real life.” Ok, here are the restrooms, you can use whichever one you feel you should, boy or girl etc etc. Would a Dr note be necessary to clarify the issues this child/student is having as well?


Transgendered was classified as a disorder by the APA. It was reclassified as a “dysphoria” after years of lobbying from the LGBT community. You don’t change a disorder into not a disorder by lobbying. It is not scientific and this is imposing a personal belief on everyone without their consent. If my daughter was using a restroom and a man that resembled a woman walked in, she would ask for my help if she felt threatened.


I see lots of lobbying but no substantial facts, even now.



If close to half the states issued a lawsuit against the federal government, than this probably will wind up in the Supreme Court.


How would you feel about Chaz Bono using the same bathroom as your daughter :shrug:


How about Buck Angel?


I agree.
They will lose.

In a way, they/we have already lost. The (unelected) judges have already decided.

If you want to protect your privacy or that of your child in ‘gender fluid’ bathrooms, toilets, change rooms, etc. then you’ve just got to do it yourself and be protective in whatever way you can.
…insofar as is legal.



Mississippi and Kentucky have now filed lawsuits as well. This makes 24 states total.

North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


I think 99.9% of people just want to use the bathroom. What are you implying by do it yourself in so far is legal?


In better news an anti-trans initiative in Washington State failed to get enough signatures to get on the ballot.

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