10. The Finished Mystery

The Pastor Russell Anthology
10. The Finished Mystery

Get a copy of The Pastor Russell Anthology
researchapplications.org/…es/antitle.htm which has a copy of
the unabridged, unedited Finished Mystery book and leave it on your coffee table. I made the mistake of leaving the only copy I had on the coffee table which someone here sent to me (I never got around to thanking them, Thank You, whoever you were). Anyways, the Elder stole it and this really upset the person, newbie being trained by him because the newbie could not buy into Kingdom thinking, justification for stealing other peoples property.

I do needs the complete series of all there materials on Jehovah’s Witnesses and LDS for research purposes, but can not affords to purchase books — if anyone has copies they do not needs anymore, please PM me for my mailing address.

I ran into the newbie months later at a store or library. He informed me that event caused him to lose all trust in the Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. He returned to his mainline Christian church.


Some are on Amazon which is still beyond my budget.


The Finished Mystery book was heavy edited by the Watchtower to cover up missed dates or something like that — I remember an 1874 date being changed to 1914 in later editions of this book. It is a book, they do not want their people to read.

I can not find my notes on this book — totally disorganized.

Maybe others who have read this book and remember it better than I can, would share what they know.

There may be a passing reference to it in these threads

I congratulate the newbie who decided to go back to his Christian church. Maybe some day he will see the Truth of the Catholic Church.

I tried the 2 links that you provided and they do not work.
You might find what you need on line. Why not spend you time and energy on learning about the Beautiful Catholic Church instead of researching the lies or the JW’s and Mormons.



Hi Wayne, I see you started the other thread, the top link is for others who have not read that discussion.

The second link is to where the sources are. Yes, there are watchtower quotes online – I rather check them for context as I do with anti-catholic quotes – often quotes are used second hand without verification. I am guessing you have ran into that from time to time.

Basically, with a JW you need to get them to loose faith in the Watchtower organization because you can play scripture text ping pong with them all day and not make much progress at all — other than making yourself frustrated. You will find they have a memorized script for each topic and their goal is to stay on that script. One of your goals is to get them off script and get them to use “independent thinking”. None of us are experts, we are only looking for ideas that works from time to time — thus that is why I study their literature.

For examples,


From the Watchtower: “The Vatican belittles Bible study by claiming it is the only organization authorized and qualified to interpret the Bible,” (Watchtower, July 1, 1943, p. 201)

Note: if you had the Watchtower CD containing 1943 You must be able to give them the complete page, highlighting the quote, for them to believe that is a genuine quote.

using this quote you can pull out literature on what The Pope has said or written on Studying the Bible to show that “The Vatican” does not “belittles” Bible study, thus putting a chink in their black and white thinking – correcting misinformation.

One can do both study Truth and look for quotes, checking them in context.

Oh, the links did not work because I copied them from the other thread after posting them there — I am guessing this forum shortens the display of a link.

BTW, it was a Catholic Church he returned to — If I did not think Catholics were fellow Christians, I would not be here to learn :smiley:

You would be surprised to learn how many Christians think that Catholics are NOT Christians, albeit we are the original Christians.

I think you will learn that it will be almost impossible to pry JW’s from the Watchtower. They believe every thing that the Watchtower prints even when you show them how their teachings have changed. They will be the first ones to say that the Governing Body does and has made mistakes and that when they do they admit them and “change” their previous teaching. JW’s think nothing of this and even praise the GB for doing so.

Also the Catholic Church only is true interpreter of Scripture. The NT was written by Catholics, compiled by Catholics and preserved down through the years by Catholics.

If you ask the Witnesses they might give you the books you ask for for free. You can buy some of them pretty cheaply on amazon or even used book stores.

I am guessing the times I have been effective with them, there were a lot of people praying for them to come out of the darkness.

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