10 ways to crush the morale of priests


So very sad. It hurts my heart. I pray EVERY single day for ALL priests, religious brothers and sisters, seminarians, deacons, bishops, cardinals, our Pope and all those discerning vocations to the priesthood/religious life. May God grant them all they need to be good and faithful servants to Him and for us. Without priests we have no Catholic Church, no Sacraments, especially NO Eucharist.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels PLEASE continue to bless, comfort, support and help all priests, religious brothers and sisters, seminarians, deacons, bishops, cardinals our Pope and all those discerning vocations to the priesthood/religious life to live fully the lives they are called to & surround and protect them from satan and all his evil ways.


Sounds like you’ve really been hurt by a member of the clergy. I will keep you and the people who hurt you in my prayers.


Yeah, because you know, that’s so helpful with discussion.


The article was written by a priest. I think with few exceptions (like the one above), the problem he is describing does not exist here. I found his presentation of Mass as an exercise injustice enlightening though. It was a reminder I still have a lot to learn, though I have never done anything remotely like the things on his list.


Just read that article in my inbox.
I’ve never seen some of this stuff, frankly, I was hoping the article would be more geared to the constant criticisms they receive from people who think they know everything, without ever having gone to seminary.


“Sounds like you’ve really been hurt by a member of the clergy. I will keep you and the people who hurt you in my prayers.”

I will pray for you as well.

They are imperfect men but they serve a perfect God and like us they are a work in progress. True they have had a LOT more instruction and “training” but that by itself can’t solve all the problems & issue that come to them. They are often the forgotten ones until we need them. Just wanted to ask all of you here to pray daily for those who serve in Our One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. We do need them.


Before I was Catholic, we were Episcopalian, and I kid you not, during our vestry (similar to parish council) meetings, we would always have one or two people critiquing the content of the priest’s homilies. It boggles my mind.






Some of the points are horrifying. Finding hosts in prayer books? My breath was taken away!

This list could be taken care of if our church going population were instructed better throughout their lives.

I can understand how someone mentioned " How about 10 ways the Catholic priests, bishops, church militants, cardinals, religious, crush the morale of regular good people. " We read that all the time.






Interesting list. Much of it seems somewhat unfair, though. When the modus operandi of the Church is to leave catechesis at the bottom of the priority list, why would anyone be surprised at any of this behavior? The response to every incident on that list has to be “they know not what they do.” It’s a bit like a teacher complaining that their students’ abysmal test scores are “crushing morale,” while not acknowledging that the teacher usually uses class time to catch up on naps.


Never seen a priest sleep through Mass.


Their calling is to make us holy, not happy, encouraging us, lifting us up, helping us, and when necessary correcting us and challenging us. Bless these men, who like Mary, have said yes to the call of God l.




Really? Your takeaway from my post was that I was claiming that individual priests sleep during mass? Okay then.


Agree and very well stated.


I did empathize with one question on the list:

  1. “Why don’t we vote on music that we like for Mass?”

When the priest chose to dismantle our Latin-singing choir, I would have liked a vote first to know if the parish really wanted that. None of us demanded a vote. But we were sad.


The only time I have heard of Hosts being left around the church or otherwise handled irreverently was when students came back to prepare for Confirmation after being away from Mass for too long. Some may not have set foot in the church since their First Holy Communion.

So, looking on the bright side, it’s high time they came back, and I am glad they came.

When this last happened in my parish – at the first “Teen Mass” of the academic year – the priest took time at the next Teen Mass to instruct and remind the congregation about what the Eucharist is and the correct way to receive it. Things were better after that.

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