10-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid’ Taking Over Social Media


From the Catholic perspective it should be called “The Danger of Allowing Your Impressionable Child to Watch Inappropriate TV Shows”


God have mercy on those parents and on that child. May he turn from the world’s ways to God.


Proof that separating kids from their parents can be a great thing.


Crazy question, but how did you and exnihilo find my post? I post a topic, and then I can’t find it anywhere. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. :thinking:


I just saw it under ‘World News’.


OK, I was clicking on “News” at the top of the screen and there was nothing to see. Now I see underneath “News”, there is “Catholic News” and “World News”. Alright. I’m not going crazy anymore. :grin:


Just popped up in my main page I think.


How totally inappropriate and shameful, using this as justification for families being ripped apart over misguided, if not clearly evil policy.

You seem to imply that the plight of immigrant children is justified.



This is why freedom of speech/expression should not be unlimited. This kid’s parents and the journos who’ve cheered this should all be thrown in prison.


There’s unfortunately a lot of this lately on social media.Eg:

This poor child looks so unhealthy somehow with his eyes bulging,and sunken features and frail weight/frame.
Some of this transgender/drag stuff seems to me to be potentially from psychological illness but this is never said these days (or accepted to be said) because Psychologists and Psychiatrists have now become politicised where they have been “brainwashed” to believe that this is all just natural and not dysfunction.

Psychology societies profession groups in Australia are heavily biased to believing that transgender is just “another way of being” and any Psychologists who openly didn’t believe that ( in Australia) either rarely exist, or might find themselves not practicing for much longer, so aren’t these confused kids in a way getting “ripped off” when all they are getting is one sided view from so-called professionals?


I was just listening to a radio interview with several drag queens and they all said they were constantly struggling with anorexia and eating disorders. These people need help, not applause.


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