10-year old needs to defend Church's stance on Gay 'Marriage'

What would you tell a 10yr old who wants to defend the church’s position on same-sex “marriage” to another 10yr old?
The child who is supporting homosexual marriage doesn’t believe in the bible as truth.

They are 10. They will believe what their parents and teachers tell them.

A 10 year old will not be able to make another 10 year old change their mind because they are just reflecting what their parents tell them.

I say this as a teacher and as a parent.


I would keep it very basic. The 10 year old could just say that Marriage is about bringing babies into the world…and all babies come from one man and one woman.

I agree with what you are saying, but want to add that children of this age should learn the reasoning behind what they have learned, so that they won’t have to lean only on the conclusions their parents reached.

I really discouraged my children from debating when they were young for precisely the reason you mention, but did teach them my reasoning for later use.

When does a child reach the age of reason?

The Jews thought that it was when the child was 13, but I think they now think it is more like 16 (Bar mitzvah is celebrated now at 16 I believe).

I think the medieval Church thought 7 years old was the age of reason for a while.

Anyway, St. Augustine taught that education was primarily about teaching a youth the correct sentiments: what he ought to like and dislike (as you can see, modern schools do not educate). He was to know what feelings a thing or action should draw out of you. When the youth reaches the age of reason, he would then be able to understand the reason why those sentiments are right or wrong, by means of the natural law.

The fact, then, that your child understands the emotions of right and wrong means that you are a good parent, especially considering that you have to deal with modern “education,” or as I like to put it, modern propaganda. Good job :thumbsup:

Christi pax,


I agree with this and would add that marriage encourages a stable home in which those children, which are born from that marriage, can be raised.

Due to the fact that most ten-year-olds don’t know about sexual intercourse yet, or are just beginning to fin out abotu it from their parents or schools leads one to not really be able to explain the reasons why homosexuality in practice is wrong, especially in light of the fact that he can’t use the Bible to make his point.

As such, I would have to say that there is really nothing they can do until the misinformed childs gets a little older.

May God bless you and this child with the Light of His Truth! :slight_smile:

Most ten year olds are much more aware of biological sexual facts than you give them credit for. :rolleyes:

Sometimes a ten year old can see things more clearly than their parents. Look, gay marriage, while it has been a dream for some homosexuals, is still a relatively new idea on the planet. It has a lot of ramifications that have just not been looked at.

Let’s imagine that we move all children’s age of emancipation to 8 years old. And imagine that a majority of kids and adults are for it. Does that make emancipation at age 8 a good idea?

We have to think about our decisions and how they affect the world when we try to change long held social mores.

I think kids can understand this.

Tell him to be ready to be thrown out of class.

:rotfl: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :rotfl:

48. At the beginning of the instruction and in front of the entire class, Defendant [teacher] McDowell confronted a female student who was wearing a Confederate flag belt buckle. Defendant McDowell directed the student to remove the article of clothing because he considered it offensive. The female student had worn this belt and buckle to class on several prior occasions without receiving a reprimand.

  1. In light of Defendant McDowell’s opening remarks to the student about “anti-bullying” day and tolerance, Plaintiff [student] D.K.G. raised his hand and asked Defendant McDowell why it was permissible to display a rainbow flag, which is offensive to some people, but not a Confederate flag, which Defendant McDowell found offensive.
  1. Offended by the question, Defendant McDowell curtly responded by stating that the rainbow flag represents the gay community, but the Confederate flag “represents killing people and hanging and skinning people alive,” or words to that effect.
  1. Defendant McDowell then asked Plaintiff D.K.G. whether he “supported” or “accepted gays,” or words to that effect. Plaintiff D.K.G. responded by stating that his religion does not accept homosexuality and that he could not condone that behavior. Angered by the response, Defendant McDowell told Plaintiff D.K.G. that his religion was “wrong,” or words to that effect, and ordered Plaintiff D.K.G. to leave his classroom under threat of suspension.
  1. After ordering Plaintiff D.K.G. to leave the classroom, Defendant McDowell asked the remainder of the class whether anyone else did not accept homosexuality. A student raised his hand, and Defendant McDowell ordered him out of the classroom as well. …

SANDRA GLOWACKI, on behalf of her minor children, D.K.G. and D.C.G.,
JOHNSON (“JAY”) MCDOWELL, individually and in his official capacity as a teacher in the Howell Public School District,

Plaintiffs won.

Absolutely - I agree with you.

Do ten year olds understand that the human race is composed of men and women, and that it is this fact that led the institution of marriage? And that it is only this fact that accounts for the existence of children?

10-year old needs to defend Church’s stance on Gay ‘Marriage’

No, he/she doesn’t.

Let kids be kids.

What do you consider an appropriate age?

There is no age where a person NEEDS to defend the Church’s position on this issue. It is often quite foolish for people to attempt to make such a defense without being fully competent in such argumentation.

There are people who are skilled in argumentation, who can mount a skillful defense. They might have a duty to defend the Church’s position argumentatively. No one else does.

So the kid in this case should have kept his mouth shut? He went on to win his case in court, which he wouldn’t have if he had kept quiet.

“Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence” (1 Peter 3:15)

Every Catholic has a responsibility to at least explain their faith when necessity calls them to do so as St. Peter points out. I don’t think that there is an expectation that every Catholic becomes a professional apologist, but there is an expectation that every Catholic learn about their faith and be able to explain it to some degree (aka “spreading the Gospel”). When Catholic don’t learn about their faith, and expect others to do it for them, we end up with such horrible statistics like:
76% of Catholics support some form of abortion rights
54% of Catholics support same sex marriage
79% of Catholics support contraception

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