100 lbs a mixture of myrrh and aloes; What for?

John 19:40 only a bluff/trick to conceal the truth, in my opinion.

38 And after these things, Joseph of Arimathea (because he was a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews) besought Pilate that he might take away the body of Jesus. And Pilate gave leave. He came therefore, and took the body of Jesus. 39 And Nicodemus also came, (he who at the first came to Jesus by night,) bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about an hundred pound weight. 40 They took therefore the body of Jesus, and bound it in linen cloths, with the spices, as the manner of the Jews is to bury.

“The body is given a ritual bath called a tahara, standing for purity and then the body is put in the ground in the quickest most simple fashion available with only traditional burial shrouds” i.e. covered with simple cloth and no “75 lbs aloe and myrrh” as mentioned in John 19:40

XNihil0Zer0 says:

John 19:40 “They took the body of Jesus and wrapped it in linen cloths along with spices, according to the burial custom of the Jews.”
The burial customs of the Jews have not changed in 3500 years. The body is not to be touched except by giving it a ritual bath called a tahara, standing for purity and then the body is put in the ground in the quickest most simple fashion available with only traditional burial shrouds.
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Paarsurrey says:

The Gospels as our Christian friends know are not written by Jesus or his disciples. These are presumed accounts of Jesus’ life only written by anonymous writers, ascribed to the disciples named only to honor them or perhaps to cover up the facts and inject in them clever doings of Paul and his associates- the Church.

Now truth comes to surface; thanks to internet - which has knit the international society into a closer bond; everything is accessible and research has been made very easy. The clever plots and conspiracies are discerned very easily. One does not have to go to libraries; things are only a click away by the grace of GodAllahParmesherYHWH.

Internet research:

One could make a live research by feeding the topic “Jewish funeral in Jesus time” to know answer to following question which naturally arise in the mind:

If the Jews of Jesus’ time had a custom to put a large quantity of “100 lbs aloe and myrrh” on the dead body. Certainly there was no such custom among the Jews. This is the mind working of intriguing Paul and the early centuries Church.

~When and where Jesus was given a bath or his body was washed.

~Did the disciples, who had fled away from the scene of crucifixion, were informed of the funeral ceremony? If not, why not?

~Who lead the funeral prayer?

~Was funeral ceremony held in Jewish tradition or Christian tradition? Christian tradition was invented later by Paul or his church unauthorized. Jesus had given no such tradition.

If those who were trusted with the body of Jesus did not participate or arrange the above; and we find no such recorded account in the four gospels, it is sure those who looked after his body knew that Jesus was not dead and hence they did not do it.

The injured body always needs wrappings after application of the ointments or medicines.

I think the rest is very clear. Those who wrapped Jesus; they are the ones or their helping friends who are supposed to unwrap him. If they could put him in a tomb and placed a stone, they could help Jesus to push the stone away, unwrap him and let him go.

Here comes our beloved Jesus, recoverd from the wounds and not dieing on the Cross.

Peace; no disrespect intended, we are just discussing things to know the truth.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Buddha and Krishna.


As an Ahmadi, when you read your prophet saying neither killed nor crucified, why do you give a blind eye to the second verb unless you believe Allah to use meaningless redundancy?

Jesus was interred quickly without all of the trappings due to the Sabboth. It was all to be done on Sunday morning…but he had RISEN!

** inJesus, crucifixion means dying on the cross. Not just putting on the cross. What do you understand by Crucifixion. Do you understand it to mean just putting a person on the cross for sometime? Surely not.

That is what Quran is telling. "They killed him not nor did they Crucify him (KIll him on the cross). It means they failed to kill Jesus on the cross. That is all. Since Jesus did not die on the cross (for many reasons) we say that he was not crucified i.e. the act of crucifixion was not completed. Really a miracle for the sake of Jesus. Otherwise there was no chance of ever surviving from death on the cross.**

So it says that they did not kill him nor did they kill him?

**Yes, Ralph, With slight change of words though. Quran says that they could not kill Jesus on the cross and they could not kill him in any other way too.

Their plan was to kill Jesus in any way. But more desirous was to kill Jesus on the cross. That is why they shouted “Crucify, Crucify…”. It was their bad agenda, harmimg and hurting a man of God (Jesus). But God thwarted their mischievious plans and miraculously saved Jesus from death.

Is it another miracle of the Quran, redundancy?

Paarsurrey, you already have your own space on the web where you can post your blasphemies and misinformation and disinformation to your heart’s content, and not take up space on a CHRISTIAN forum.

Isa akbar!

**Isa akbar!


I bear witness there is NO GOD but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and Jesus is God Incarnate risen from the dead.**

Did the bible mention that those spices are completely used without remaining amount?

If you trust your source from the Internet, then if a blog appear about the lie of your ProphetMessenger, will you then take it for granted, the same way you do of things against Christianity?

Of course he will. Right paarsurrey? :slight_smile:

**Sorry, swariffin, the real source of info is the bibleNT, not any blog or internet site. 100 Lb of medicines are written in the bible. You know that Jesus was not given any formal bath (tahara). That matter may be derived fromt the wikipedia or it may be ascertained from the present day Jews and their educated leaders. What is and what was the principle (custom) about the burial of Jews dead bodies in those days? The answer will be useful.

We are more concerned now that Jesus was not given any bath. Why? having known that he had died, why was not given a bath? He was not formally buried. Why? But rather put in a carved out spacious tomb where he could sit and stand. Why? 100 Lb of medicines had been brought and applied to Jesus body? Why? Could Jesus be given a bath (taharah) after application of 100 Lb medicines? I hope not.

The best answer is that Jesus was alive. Yet nobody at that time (or even after that time) could legally say that he ws not dead. It was dangerous to say that Jesus was not dead.

All these things should be explained by the Catholics please.**

Why did God not save the other OT prophets that were killed?

What made Jesus different?

The Muslim mindset, when trying to explain away the mystery of the Risen Christ, is perplexing! :confused:

** Ralph, there is a problem about the death penulty for Jesus. The charge was blasphemy. the punishment for blasphemy in Jewish law was stoning to death. You have to tell us why the Jews were adamant to crucify Jesus ( i.e. killing him on the cross). Why they did not want to stone him to death? This the most important question from the Islamic point of view.

We believe what is written in the bibleOT that a crucified man is a cursed man… He cannot be any prophet of God. That is what the Jews were trying to prove. So instead of stoning Jesus to death they planned for killing him on the cross. They shouted at the top of their voice “Crucify, Crucify Jesus”.
God failed their plan. Jesus miraculously survived the ordeal. All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe.**

Do you know why it says that in the OT? And where it says it?

No, they were not trying to show that he was not a prophet of God. They were trying to get rid of someone that was a thorn in their side.

FRom Ralph:
I wonder why Allah did not explain this. Roman law forbade conquored people from using the death penalty. There were several reasons for this. It was considered treason. If they had stoned Jesus, as was called for, the Romans would have had the right to arrest and kill all of them. This is why they asked Jesus if they should stone the woman. If he said no, he was against the Law of Moses. If he said yes, they had a charge against him with Rome. If they could convince the Roman leaders that he was trouble, they could have him killed with no fear of retribution.

** I do not believe that. There was no harm in asking for the punishment of stoning. I believe that adultrous woman was lined up for stoning. She was arrainged for stoning. Jesus wisely gave the verdict that first stone should be thrown by the one who had never been an adulterer. At that verdict, every one went away (left the place). So only Jesus and that woman was left there.

There was a dialogue between Jesus and that woman. Jesus said " I do not blame you (or something to that account)."

It was not just an idea or opinion but the woman was brought up for the punishment of adultry. Whether it was a test case or otherwise, it was almost an actual case, not a showpiece. The Jews had their religious personal law. They could practice it after validation (approval) from the Roman rulers.

The best thing for them was to ask for stoning. Then the Ruler would have replied that it was not allowed. But they did not even say anything about stoning Jesus for blasphemy. So the end result is that either the charge against Jesus was not blasphemy or he was to be stoned to death. No other way.**

Then why did they not do that? Obviously, you have not studied the Roman Empire very much. One did not bother the Roman Governer to ask to stone an adultress, or even a blasphemer. Jerusalem was considered the worst post in the Empire, and they were always on the verge of being obliterated. IN the end, they were. Jesus was charged with having a King other than Ceaser by the Jewish leasdership. That was the only way Rome would consider killing him.

And you did not answer where and why it says that a man who hangs from a tree is cursed.

Correct, and I ask you where in the NTbible saying that 100 Lbs spices are used entirely. You cannot assume that all of those 100 lbs are used. That is speculation, my friend.

Jesus died about 3 PM, takes time for Joseph of Arimathea to go to Pilate and ask permission to take Jesus down from the cross. Say it took 1 hour (could be more) because Joseph must go the the palace of Pilate, argued him, and bring Pilate’s order from his palace to the Golgotha. At 6 PM sharp, it was already Sabbath. So, prior to 6 PM, all the Jews must be in “Kosher” position to start Sabbath ritual, let alone, it was not an ordinary Sabbath. It was about the celebration of the Jews coming out Egypt. That means at least by 5:30 PM all Jews must be at home for Sabbath preparation. They must took a clean bath, and make preparation to eat the lamb of Paskah. Can you prepare a complete ceremony of burial in less than 2 hours? Where in the bible that Jesus was given a “complete” ceremony? The bible only said that Jesus was given spices and linen fabric “according to Jewish custom”

Last but not least, where is the logic of Muslims here?, having a person being speard by Roman soldier but survive the wound without modern 21st century medications? This has been mentioned many times but not realized.

does anyone else find it odd that a Muslim is citing unproven undocumented secular sources about Jewish law and custom to disprove a Christian claim?

No. It is not abnormal on this site.

We have had them cite heretics, heathens, atheists, and many others. It is all about cut and paste from another website that picks and chooses what to say.

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