100-year-old nuns: Serving God made for a ‘beautiful life'

At a time when fewer young people are choosing to become priests and nuns, two 100-year-old Felician Sisters say they have no regrets answering God’s call to serve Him.

Sisters Mary Jerome Kurczewski and Mary Maximilia Szarnowski, who live at St. Joseph Care Center on the grounds of the Livonia Province of the Felician Sisters and celebrated their 100th birthdays in November, described their vocation as a beautiful life — one full of opportunity.

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I hope more young women see the beauty of religious life and open themselves to God’s call. It’s a beautiful vocation, but sadly many do not see it that way. But I do believe that more young people are starting to see the emptiness of worldly things and realising that there is more meaning to life.

Here is the story of 100 year old Fr. Luke Kot, a Cistercian monk.



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