100KM Pilgrimage in Quebec, Canada




I’m sure most people have heard of the great Chartres walking pilgrimage in France, which takes place around Pentecost every spring. It’s about 100KM (62 miles) and it goes for three days. It’s very traditional and devout, and the daily masses are in the Extraordinary form (1962). I went to the 25th anniversary one in 2007, and it was amazing.

For the past 4 years, we here in Ottawa, Canada, at St. Clement Parish, a Latin-only church (1 of 2 in the world, I believe - here is a Wikipedia article) have been organizing an annual pilgrimage like Chartres to our National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin, Cap de la Madeleine. Notre Dame du Cap (Our Lady of the Cape) is Canada’s patroness. This is the fifth annual pilgrimage. It is about 100KM, but closer to 107KM (64 miles).

We’re always looking for more pilgrims. The information is on the first link I posted, please come! Please pray for the success and for the pilgrims, because we will be praying for you!


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