100th anniversary of St.Pius X ON THE DOCTRINE OF THE MODERNISTS

This would be a great time to renew the condemnations of Modernism.
Much like JPII did with Leo XIII’s RERUM NOVARUM.
Or a closer look at the encyclicals and letters of St. Pius X. The PX society has made many Catholics shy away from this great Saint’s writings.

What do you mean by “renew” the encyclical? I havnt read that St Pius X encyclical yet but I hope to asap.
In regards to modernism and such B16 has been very vocal, you can hear the sorrow in his heart when he talks about how Europe has lost its identity by ignoring and/or attacking its Catholic roots. Over and over we hear him say and see with our own eyes that we are doomed as a culture if we dont stop the relativism, atheism, materialism, egoism, etc…SOON!

A review of Quanta Cura, The Syllabus of Errors written by Pope Pius IX, would be helplful especially in examining and interpreting the documents of Vatican II.

Sorry I wrote it fast so I didnt explain myself well.
My point is that the Church needs an Official Document that can show a continuity between old and new. Many people think that the 1960’s brought the big changes in bad theology in the Church but it started back as far as Leo the XIII and his attack on** Americanism **and later Pius X on Modernism. Vatican II kindof poped the boil and let it all oozout in an indirect way.
John Paul II celibrated Leo XIII’s RERUM NOVARUM 100th anniversary with an encylical Centesimus Annus.

Yes he has made good comments but it would be much more weighty to point to an Ecyclical that links “old Church” and “New Church”

I listen to CAL a lot but they run away from explaining this Modernist crisis which has wormed its way through theology books for a 100 years and CA is good. Imagine the people who are under the spell of this heresy could open their eyes.

I would suggest reading SYLLABUS CONDEMNING THE ERRORS OF THE MODERNISTS It is an easier read as well as the OATH AGAINST MODERNISM

I don’t know about a “renewal” per se, but some letter reflecting on the role of Pope St. Pius X’s work and possibly addressing some of the lingering problems. I certainly don’t think that another such document as *Lamentabili Sane *would be productive for the modern world, but something in the spirit of *Pascendi Diminici Gregis *with perhaps not as much focus on exact disciplinary rulings could well be in order.

I doubt that many people even have a sense of what the Modernist Crisis was and what influences it still has on the traces of modern scholarship that have filtered down to most people.

I consider myself fortunate that in one week I will beginning a course with Dr. Willian Marshner of Christendom College on the History of Modernism (I am in my senior year).

I responded to this poll with the answer no, however, I did so with a certain ambivalence. What moved me the most to respond no was my thinking that Pope John Paul The Great has given us such a great wealth of writings that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of his teachings that another encyclical is not necessary per se.

However, I also realize that this is an important anniversary when may be best celebrated with an encyclical by Benedict XVI. Also, I have the greatest respect for our Pope and his God given ability to write so clearly that a big part of me wants an encyclical as well.

So I am truly torn between trying to give the study of John Paul the Great’s works and something new from Pope Benedict, so I guess my best answer is to leave it up to the good sense of our Holy Father.

Still, I would suggest that whether or not Pope Benedict does write an encyclical to honor this anniversary, I most strongly suggest that all, of us who are involved in these forums, make an effort to read everything we can written by Pope Benedict XVI. Two works, I think, that are especially revelant for this particular thread are, “Christianity and the Crisis of Cultures” and “What It Means to Be a Christian”.

Sorry for being such a “fence-sitter” in my response.

Such a move by His Holiness would be very helpful to the Church today, and it would honor this great Saint :slight_smile:

I don’t know enough about the issue to make a decision.

I dont know why my thread was moved to Traditioinalist forum?
I guess it doen’t matter

I t is a tuff thing to recognize, because there is a lack of explaining it. Almost all problems in the Church today can be traced to this heresy.
It basicly puts man as the center of religion and denys supernatural.
Typical modernist top 10 hateds are:
Pope’s authority
Mass rubrics
Scripture as the word of God
Miracles of Jesus
Dogma as a definition of Faith (meaning it should be interperted not accepted-- also it is only true sometimes not always)
anything before VatII

I voted NO for similar reasons. I do not see a need to renew (as into re-write) the encyclical especially because it could be considered source of controversy. My opinion is that the renewal should happen by simply having Benedict XVI bringing up the original one during the Wednesday audiences.

Oh really? I attend NO masses, and you’re telling me I hate all of this? Really, I had no idea. I guess I must go home now and get rid of all of my rosaries, quit going to adoration, stop reading the bible, stop reading the Bible, and go and get some birth control pills.

Sorry I am confused. What do you mean you attend no masses? If your Catholic in good health you must go to mass on Sunday:confused:
Did you mean the latin mass?
Or are you a Modernist?
This may be because they put my thread in the traditional section. Im not a “Traditional Catholic”. Im just Catholic.

BTW I made a mistake on my list when I wrote only Contraception. It should have been Teaching against Contraception.:stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great if you could post what stikes your attention from the class.

Avoiding teaching things because it is may cause controversy doesnt seem to be a good reason. This is the reason we have so many sermons that never mention hell, purgatory, or indugences. Of couse one does not have only to talk of controvesial subjects but to avoid them when one sees harm or ignorance can be very dangerous.
Wednesday audience is a good idea AND an encyclical would be even better.

NO= Novus Ordo :slight_smile:

See I didnt even know that NO means Novus Ordo
For some reason my thread was put in the traditionalist section. I didn’t think it would effect teh thread so much but by your response then it has.

Why would my thread be put in th Tradionalist Forum?

Honestly I dont know either…

Seems pretty biased that anything with Modernism or St. Pius X in it gets stuck in the trad department.

Not that I dont enjoy discussing modernism and His Holiness. :slight_smile:

I have not seen any post saying that we should avoid teaching what is right. Avoiding controversy and instead reaching unity is part of being prudent, one virtue that we need to pursue. We are not to avoid controversial topics but we should refrain from behaviors that could cause controversy.

What would be the added teaching of a new encyclical? How many parishes in the USA have presented or discussed “Deus Caritas Est”? My point is that we need to change people thinking day by day with constant hammering. We should individually get involved and ask our Bishops to mandate a reiteration of those teachings.

I am sorry for being blunt and I do not want to be offensive but saying that Benedict XVI sould write a new encyclical sounds to me like people saying “The government should do something”. The teachings are clear and out there, now it is up to us to make sure that they are being heard.

I agree,

Controversy by itself isn’t bad. On the contrary, occasional forays into controversy has its benefits for the Church as well. It forces even the average Catholic to use his brain and reflect about what he believes. It sharpens our wits and keeps us on our toes, and clarifies issues by drawing the line between what is right and what isn’t. History for instance shows that the great teaching of the Church on issues like the Divinity of Christ and the role of Mary, were clarified and reaffirmed in the light of the great Cristological controversies of the 4th century.

Why be afraid of controversy, if even the gates of hell can never prevail against the Church?

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