103-year-old Georgia woman banned from her church

For nearly a century, 103-year-old Genora Hamm Biggs has attended the Union Grove Baptist Church in Georgia – even working as the church’s secretary for some 40 years.

But Biggs – a parishioner since she was 11 years old – was banned last month from attending after she disagreed with the church’s pastor over his preaching style, Fox affiliate WAGA-TV reported.

On Sunday, law enforcement was called to the small, white church in Elberton, Ga., after Biggs decided to attend service anyway, according to the station. Police said there was nothing they could do because the matter is a civil dispute between Biggs and the church



Bizarre story. I have to think she’s got a long history of causing problems.

I think if I make it to 100, I’ll probably be just as cantankerous. :smiley:

I have to sympathize with this lady. She’s a Baptist, not a “Holiness” believer (Pentecostal). She expects her church to maintain its Baptist character and beliefs–and in that she’s right. I imagine the Holiness pastor was brought in to attract new members and enliven the service so the young people might like it. Well, that’s not a Baptist tenet, and she is well within her rights to object. It’s equilovent to Catholics who object to dancing girls and creative fudging of the rubrics at Mass. Unfortunately for this lady, as I understand it, there is no other Baptist church in her community, so she’s been shunned merely for objecting to the objectionable within her faith community.

She’s probably USING her advanced age as
clout in influencing the way the church is
being led. I’d say THAT’S why the pastor
went so far as to ban her from the church.

I’d say that’s probably right. The article says he’s been there for 6 years, so she’s been fighting it for as long. At some point, you have to move on.

She should become Catholic

:amen: Dear elderly lady. How I admire her bravery and convictions!

Biggs told the station that she and the current pastor of six years, Rev. Tim Mattox, have long sparred over his preaching style, which she characterizes as a “Holiness style” that she claims doesn’t belong in the Baptist church.
“At one point, he had a crew in here and they were hollering and falling out in the middle of the floor,” Biggs told the station. “We don’t do that in the Baptist Church.”

She’s absolutely right though. I was a member of a Southern Baptist church and was even up for entry into their ministry when they found out that I believed that the New Testament does not say that the gifts of the Holy Spirit ended with the death of St. John that was dropped like a hot potato…and we moved to a nearby AoG.

I doubt these are SBs but still most Baptists are pretty straight up about that issue.

Ya gotta admire her zeal and courage. A lot of folks, (myself included) would have simply moved to the nearest real Baptist church.

No kidding!!

Too bad these people don’t have a local bishop or a higher authority to set these things right. I suppose the only thing they can do is split apart, causing further division in the Body of Christ.

Rule Number One for New Preachers:
Never, Never, NEVER, EVER P.O. the elderly church members, ESPECIALLY an old woman. :eek:
Those frail old ladies won’t leave enough meat on your bones for any passing vulture. :eek:


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