105,000 Christians martyred yearly, says European official [CWN]

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s Representative on Combating Racism, Xenophobia, and Discrimination estimates that 105,000 Christians are martyred annually–one …


I am shocked.  I would never have guessed that persecution of this scale was occuring.  What can we do to publicize and do something about this?


Persecution of Christians is just not on the radar screen of the elites who control the media, likely because most of them are hostile or at least indifferent to Christianity itself. So I wouldn’t look for the regular media to get itself much involved in this.

Nor is it politically correct to acknowledge that almost all of this goes on in Islamic countries.

What ought to happen (though with the current administration it it’s very unlikely) Christian refugees from Islamic countries all ought to be granted refugee status in the West and aided in coming here. Frankly, with militant Islam dominating so much of the Muslim world as it does and promises to be, I don’t think there really is a practical solution other than emigration for Christians from those places.

Sad to say it, but I think it’s the truth of the matter.

Christian persecutions tend to be covered rather regularly, mostly by conservatives though, on forums such as these, and on conservative talk radio.

The left-leaning MSM and the left in general have very little use for these kind of stories though, because the storyline is western capitalist oppression, and Christianity is the religion of the oppressor, according to that story line

One of my priest-friends is deeply involved with foreign missions and he said he was really depressed by the regularity of the reports he gets of Catholics/Christians and especially priests being murdered.

It’s just not being reported, except occasionally.

I wouldn’t blame the “media elites” so much as the indifference of the public. Although the 105,000 per year figure is shockingly high, we (at least in the US) are regularly exposed to individual reports of such incidents. The general response is along the lines of:

*"Tsk, tsk… that is horrible. Those evil people! Something should be done about it.

Hm, I wonder what we will have for supper."*

I know we have seen several threads here at CAF about such incidents. I have started two or three. But such thread rarely get more than a couple comments, if that many

Given the priorities of the US government, and the American public, during the past 30 years, I don’t think there is much likelihood of it changing in the future. Do you think this issue will become a major point in the presidential election season? I don’t.

Providing refugee status to all Christians in Muslim countries has the appeal of effectively solving a problem of persecution. But it would come at the cost of ending centuries of tradition in those countries. And there is the possibility that it would make life harder for those who choose to stay behind, because they might be seen as not truly belonging to their native land.

Opening our arms to oppressed Christians does seem appealing on the surface but the point of further persecution of those who remain does bear keeping in mind. In addition, think of every Holy Shrine being converted into a Mosque or turned into rubble.

I don’t know what the solution is other than Islam changing 1400 years of violence any finally accepting those who believe differently than them.:shrug:

I suspect some are happy to see it happening… some people in this country are openly hostile to people of faith

It is unfortunate though, that the OP article does not provide any documentation of where they got that number from.

Yes, I would very much like to see a break down by country.

China would likely figure very prominently in many of these deaths.

Wow. That is a lot of new saints every year.


our future


And of course whatever oppression Christians worldwide are going through cannot compare to the sufferings the poor Palestinian people are going through under their evil Zionist oppressors and their corrupt, Chrstian, American supporters. :rolleyes:

Is this sarcasm? I honestly cannot tell.

I somewhat agree with this, Dale, but even you cannot deny that there IS a definite anti-Christian, anti-Western, very pro-Muslim bias inherent in the media “elites” that partially accounts for what we are seeing here. :frowning:

Everything in this article jives with Islamic teachings.:mad:

In fact, someone just started a new thread devoted to the idea of Muslims setting up sexual slavery using non-Muslims to satisfy the needs of Muslims.

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