11 Officers Shot in Dallas, 4 Killed



Multiple police officers have been killed during a protest in Dallas over shootings by police of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.
Three [Ed note: four now] Dallas police officers were killed and eight others were wounded, Dallas Police Chief David Brown and the City of Dallas said in separate statements.
One Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer was fatally shot, the agency tweeted.
It’s not clear if Brown included the DART officers in his tally. [Ed note: He did.]
Brown said two snipers shot the 10 from elevated positions during a protest. Two officers are in surgery and three are in critical condition. No suspects were in custody.
Three other DART officers were also shot. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening, DART said.


I hope my sister and her husband (a cop) are in their bed sleeping soundly and won’t hear of this until morning. There are people in Dallas living her greatest fear tonight.

I’m completely gutted. I don’t know what to to say.


Beyond enraged.

Looking forward to justice being served quickly and severely.


Welcome to post-racial America, no red states or blue states.

Can’t get more black and white than that.


PS: I wonder when our president will address the Nation. Doesn’t look like it’ll happen tonight. Maybe tomorrow…

Very interested to hear what he has to say.


Not the best plan for discouraging police from shooting people.


There’s no way the people calling for American police departments to be less military in tactics and equipment are going to get their wish now…


Police said that suspects say that there are bombs all around and that the end is coming.

I don’t know who is responsible but all of this sounds like a terrorist attack


At the moment 5 officers have been killed.


I still believe that in cities with high crime, unfortunately Dallas is getting up there, police have to start traveling like they do in Mexico.



Naw, not terrorism in that sense of the word.

Obviously wrong to kill anyone in cold blood. I’m not sure what the policing situation with minorities is like in Dallas, but when officers are regularly acquitted at the end of the official investigation it does seem as if there is no recourse. And when people feeling that there is no legal recourse is when bad things happen.


May they all RIP.

However it is not completely surprising that this was going to occur at some point in time - especially following the most recent killings of two black men.

Mind you, who the snipers turn out to be will be another matter.


Mass Shooting; War On Cops; Terrorist Attack.


Here’s what I know about the shooting of the second guy. He was shot by an officer of Chinese descent. He was shot right after saying he had a gun. Right after being told to get his license out. And the officer sounded really horrified about what he’d just done.

So I think it’s pretty obvious what happened. The officer told him to get out his license. The man, while reaching for it, told the officer he had a gun so the officer wouldn’t be surprised to see one. The officer took that as a threat instead of a fair and open warning. He then panicked. Just like most people might. When their job involves making split second choices between life and death. When their job’s all about taking out bad guys on a regular. When their job’s about figuring that there’s always some guy ready to shoot cops. Just like what’s been proven in Dallas. So did the officer make a horrible mistake? Yes. Did he do it on purpose because he hates black people? Probably not. Was he maybe more ready to use force on a black person? Possibly. I don’t know. I don’t know this officer personally. But what we do know is there is a guy in Dallas who was willing to target officers on purpose. There is a guy in Dallas who DID it on purpose. And that guy’s shown that prejudice lives in their camp too. So if BLM does not turn their outrage on that guy now? What does that mean?

No. Seriously. What does that mean?

I don’t know what else to say.


Since I was not there, I don’t know what happened in the second shooting, but I do know that when one takes a CCP class he/she is told that if they ever get stopped by the police, they should readily tell the officer that they have a carry permit and that they have a gun.

May the good Lord be with the families of these fallen officers. I don’t have words.


Here’s what an officer from Texas who’s a friend of mine said about this just now.

“I always try to live by the teachings of Mr. Rogers, so at least I’m seeing lots of heroes in this whole deal. Every one of them are wearing a badge. I’ve also seen some clearly shocked, perhaps in shock, protestors interviewed by the media who appear to be dumbfounded, and I believe questioning some of their own beliefs, after witnessing the large mass of of cops who rushed toward the gunfire to protect them while many others lead them to safety and acted as human shields to keep them safe. So maybe some good can come of this when many of protestors realize that perhaps the vast majority of cops are genuinely good people who are willing to lose their lives protecting EVERY person. In summary, there is a strong likelihood it could be another ISIS inspired attack, but the choice of a Black Lives Matter protest and then the specific targeting of cops leaves me currently believe it wasn’t coincidence.”

Thought I’d pass that on.


For sure. I mean it’s what I would’ve done too. I think the driver was doing everything right. I just think the officer panicked at the wrong time. Understanding what he heard in a different way than expected.

Yeah. This too.


May they RIP, may the Lord be with them and their families. :signofcross:

Was gun control and systemic white racism and policing mentioned yet? Do you think the hyperbole and political narrative and rhetoric leading to a war on the police has gone far enough yet? And with a military style assault by targeting policing in a ambush. I can hardly wait to hear about the background of these terrorists.

Why did this attack happen? :rolleyes:


Mostly this has been generated through social media, by on-the-spot filmed evidence of numerous killings of black people, by police, for several years now.


In some places a person is required to disclose to an officer that s/he has a gun or has a gun license during a stop. It is not always about not surprising the officer, but satisfying a required disclosure.

That said it would be good if it were known knew how he worded his disclosure and the timing from his disclosure to reaching for his wallet. I think it would have been advisable for him to (while keeping both hands on the steering wheel) say something like “Okay officer, I will give you my i.d. But I am required to disclose to you that I have a licensed firearm in the vehicle. My license is in my back right pocket. Is it okay with you if I reach for it?” I can see how a statement like “I have a gun” (While making a reaching around motion) could be interpreted.

I saw an episode of Bill Maher last year in which a man in Texas in a car with children was drivi g to a funeral and found himself in a situation where an officer had a drawn weapon point at him and was yelling during a traffic stop. The officer had drawn his weapon when he thought the man was choosing not to comply with a request he had made over his vehicles P.A. system to exit the vehicle. The man in the car had simply not heard him because his engine was still running, the AC was still on (it can be really hot in texas) aND sound didn’t penetrate into the car that well. One of the things he had mentioned is that during a stop he usually has his wallet and proof of insurance and registration placed on the dashboard before the officer approaches with the thought process being if he happens to be interacting with someone that might be easily excitable he is less likely to excite the person if he can keep both hands in view. While this isn’t something that I think people should be required to do I do think it is a sound thing to do.

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