11-Year-Old Mexican 'Rape' Victim Wants to Keep Baby

11-Year-Old Mexican ‘Rape’ Victim Wants to Keep Baby

**EXCLUSIVE:**An 11-year-old girl in Mexico allegedly raped by her stepfather and now more than four months pregnant says she wants to have his baby – despite pressure from women’s groups who want her to have an abortion, pro-life activists in the country say.
They say attorneys for abortion-rights activists have shown up at the girl’s home with plane tickets in hand in an attempt to whisk her away to get an abortion, but the child has said adamantly, “This is my baby. I’m having my baby. I will call my girl Alejandra.”
The mother-to-be, from the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, has become the poster child for abortion rights in a country where laws pertaining to the procedure vary dramatically from state to state.
In 2007, Mexico City passed a law allowing abortions to be performed without restrictions in the first three months of pregnancy. The law was challenged, but it was upheld on appeal. Since then, 17 of Mexico’s 32 states have added an amendment to their constitutions that protects “life beginning at conception,” makes abortion illegal and, in some cases, a crime equivalent to homicide.
Quintana Roo, the Yucatan state that is home to the popular resort destination Cancun, has a similar amendment. Abortion is allowed there only in cases of rape and when the mother’s life is at risk, and only within the first 90 days of pregnancy…


Poor girl.

It’s bad enough that she was abused by her stepfather, but now that she has made the life-affirming decision to keep her baby, she is harassed by the pro-abortion brigades.

May Our Lord shelter these children, and give the young mother grace and fortitude. :crossrc:
Wisdom she doesn’t need, for she already has that in abundance.

God bless that little girl. Even just carrying a baby at her age is so very, very dangerous. I know she’s takng a great risk, both for herselef and her baby, but BOY she’s got guts I only wish to have.

I would be very surpised if they would try to force her to have an abortion. Everyone really should stay out of it. It’s a family matter and the family chooses not to abort, and the government is on her side. I’m sure she’ll have her baby and raise the baby at home with her own mother.

I'm just wondering what happened to a "woman's right to choose"? :shrug:

God bless her and may she have a healthy baby with as easy a pregnancy and labor as possible. :)

Good for her. God bless them both. They are in my prayers.


The mother had a nervous breakdown and demanded her daughter tell her what happened, Mancera said. Finally, the girl said her stepfather had raped her. The mother flew into a fit of rage and went directly to the police to the report the rape, and the stepfather was arrested. He remains in jail.

(Mancera says the mother still doubts whether her husband is the unborn child’s father — something that will be sorted out when DNA testing is done after the baby’s birth.)

The girl has been temporarily placed in a child services housing facility where counselors met with the girl and her mother to discuss their options, Mancera said.

I hope the young girl and the baby do well and I hope the mother learns to have a more supportive attitude and stops making excuses for the alleged rapist, in other words I hope the girl’s mother stops being in denial. It sounds like the mother was briefly supportive and then changed her mind, which is very typical unfortunately when abuse occurs in the family, whether by blood relatives or not.

Good for the young girl for not having the abortion and saying she wants the baby. That’s especially hard given the way her mother is acting, and that she is now stuck in the child welfare system.

If the stepfather gets out of jail and the mother takes him back, which also happens all too often in cases of child abuse in the family, maybe someone will step up and provide a home for this young woman and her child. But I really hope the mother will learn to be truly supportive.

HOOAH! To all the posts.

Stepfather in a Mexican jail for raping a little girl!

May the Lords will be done!

Hopefully she doesn't go anywhere near Brazil!

Huzzah to this brave young woman!

But I guess it does show us all that its not "pro-choice" but really pro-abortion.

As pointed out in other posts,when a mother chooses to keep a baby,the ‘pro choice’ lobby ignore her choice and reveal their true goal.I have come up against such arguments as put forth in this case by “Information Group on Reproductive Choice” and I have been able to soundly defeat them. I find it laughable that they say they merely wanted to “inform the girl and her mother of their choices” I am sure that had anyone questioned the snake in Eden,He would have said the same thing. "I’m just saying,they could eat the fruit.They don’t have to,just putting all the options on the table"
All pro abortion arguments are borne of man’s flawed nature and logical fallacies.May we have the courage to speak out against this evil:crossrc:

People often talk about semantics when they refer to the rhetoric of the pro-abortion mentality. However, this makes it very clear that 'pro-choice' is more that semantics, it is an outright lie. This 11-year old has made her choice, not because of her parents, but, in spite of them. If this 'movement' were truly 'pro-choice', they would respect and support the choice made by this young woman. I pray for her continued courage, and for the health of her and her child. I also pray for her family, and that she find a support system in those around her.

What a disgusting stepfather. :mad:

Mexico appears to be a predominantly pro-life country. It is sad to read about all the murders in Mexico as a result of the drug gangs. Why can’t they be pro-life in all areas??? :o

God bless her for holding strong against secular society. Of course it is horrible that she experienced such a traumatic ordeal, thank God justice was done and I do hope she recieves all support avaiable to help raise her child.


I agree but until those stupid Americans stop taking the drugs and stop the market for them it will never happen.

BTW this goes for all the potheads out there that wants to make it legal; you’re a part of the problem; yeah I said it.

Look at the drug history of China before you argue about it?

With all due respect, this reaction is the same reaction that one who claims, “See! See! All Catholic priests are pedophiles!!!”

But it’s neither the fault of you, nor the others here who react this way: These people are not pro-choice, and if they claim they are, they are only poor representatives. Choice = making an educated decision with all options available. This girl made her decision, and whoever is trying to sway her to get an abortion is violating her right to choose by interfering and trying to “make” her get an abortion.

I just hope that she is not being coerced and I’m praying for her. I hope that she and her mother heal and move on with their lives.

Choice for a woman, especially a rape victim, is important. It is not pro-death, and it’s not anti-abortion. It’s choice. We can only hope that (like this little girl) that women make the right choice for themselves when given knowledge of their options and by praying on it.

Young girls and women don’t get pregnant with a choice, they get pregnant with a small human being who should have the rights of all human beings even if it is inconvenient for his/her mother.

Even though it is terrible what happened to the mother, the baby did nothing wrong. Why should the baby be ripped from her mother’s womb for what the father did?

The pro-choicers only want to see the problem go away. They can not conceive of the fact that there is a life to be considered. The pro-choicers are so obsessed with the idea that the world is over crowded, and the baby is just one more to over crowd. They don’t see that baby holds as much worth in the world as they do.

The Pro-choicers(pro-abortionists) don’t see the mother ,no matter how young and under what circumstances, also has a choice. Is it pro-choice only when the pro-choicers feel their choice is the right choice?

“**With all due respect, this reaction is the same reaction that one who claims, “See! See! All Catholic priests are pedophiles!!!” **” :confused: With all due respect, you are going to have to explain this conclusion! I presume you are ‘pro-choice’.

Choice for a woman, especially a rape victim, is important. It is not pro-death, and it’s not anti-abortion.” Choice for the baby is really important. We don’t have the right to take a life. So, if one of the ‘choices’ is abortion, then yes, it is pro-death. It’s a rare case when a baby survives an abortion procedure. If all the choices save the life of the child and support both the mother and the child, then it is anti-abortion.

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