12/14 New Shroud of Turin Show on Discovery Channel

Just a reminder. There have been briefs in the news on what this scientist found and it sounds like it might be positive news. This scientist was in on some previous studies. Perhaps there is another section of CA to notify people of this program.

"A dying chemist took another look at the Shroud of Turin – and came to surprising conclusions.

His story will be detailed in a new Discovery Channel special with the working title “Unwrapping the Shroud: New Evidence.” The program will premiere at 10 p.m. Dec. 14.

The chemist, Ray Rogers, had worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory. …"


I’m somewhat dubious about the Discovery channel’s handling of this subject, given their M.O.when dealing with other religious topics. They always seem to be trying to discredit Christianity.

I’ve heard this criticism before but I don’t believe it pertains to ALL programs they’ve made relating to Christianity.

But yes, most of their programs are not positive towards Christianity or Catholicism, one program I remember was actually an English made program.

So this late Los Alamos New Mexico Scientist Raymond Rogers was on the original STURP Shroud of Turin Project and it seems his findings at the end of his life are going to be from what I know, more positive about the Shroud. We have doubters on these Catholic forums about the Shroud of Turin though. It’s an open question to me.

These two articles reflect that this scientist, Rogers on the original STURP may or may not come out as saying the Shroud is authentic but obviously his point of view is not against the Sacred Image.

The first link is in depth and his point of view, the special is probably similar in it’s discussions. These articles are saying at the least, he is saying it is not a painting.




I might not “get” the show too much anyway because I’m not too sharp on scientific data. It looks like a lot of this talk is centering on fibers of the cloth.

I think I know why. What threw the carbon dating of1989 into real serious question was supposedly that the fibers they analyzed were covered in somesort of bacterial substance that has been discovered in the mid ninties to be fairly common, and cause havoc with the Carbon dating technique resulting in wildly inaccurate dates. This is outlined in Ian Wilsons 1998 book “The Blood and the Shroud”.

Perhaps they have explored this further? when that book was written it was well evidenced and interesting theory, but not substantialized fact. It was enough to draw the carbon dating into serious doubt and inevitably end up being all but thrown out.

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