12 things

Almost twelve years ago when I was a brand new eastern seeker I read this which helped me out albeit somewhat after the fact(I read the brochure right after my first visit)


What would be twelve things that would help me out if I was a western seeker (from a RC, Protestant, or no Church background) coming into your church for the first time.

I imagine the list might largely apply to many churches since a lot of it about Easternisms. But you might include some specific things unique to your church. Here are examples from my own explorations:

  1. Don’t cross your legs in an Armenian Church! There is usually (Bach like) organ music at a Soorp Badarak. Armenians always have good refreshments after church even during fast seasons (well based on attending the local church they do)

  2. Copts take their shoes off in church, and the priests throws water at people at the end of the service! Egyptians are very very friendly people, and will adopt you as a defacto relative if you give them a chance.

  3. Assyrian Church of the East can speak Syriac in and out of the liturgy.

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This was written by Presbyteress Frederica Matthews-Green, herself a convert.

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