12 Weeks along no heart-beat


Please pray for DD and baby, still no heartbeat at checkup yesterday. They were told they could never conceive, had grandson 5 years after marriage, and now this miracle child. Please pray all is well, but that if God has other plans DD and SIL will come to know and embrace His will for them.


Hang in there. With my second child there was not a hearbeat either. I forget exactly how far along I was when the doctor ordered an ultrasound to see if there was “viable life”. I really hated that phrase. Made me a nervous wreck. I think my little guy was just hiding - being difficult would actually fit his personality.

But my was absolutely fine. He was 9 days overdue. Now he is far from the quiet little guy he was in the womb.



I will offer my prayers for your daughter and grandbaby. I hope you just have a shy baby there. May God bless your family with a happy giggling bundle in another 28 weeks.


My thoughts and prayers are with DD and SIL in this trying time, puzzleannie…

Please let us know how it goes?



I’ve been praying about this ever since I saw you mention it in a different thread… :gopray2:


:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:


:signofcross: :gopray: :gopray2: :highprayer:

I’m on it





any updates puzzleannie?


many thanks for prayers from all of you, all is well we have a heartbeat and ultrasound scheduled for next week, blood work and hormones all look good, guess DD has a lazy or sleepy baby. thanks be to God for his care of his children in life and in death, and gratitude to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for her intercession.


God is good! :crossrc:




Praise God!!


Praise be to God




Wonderful news! :bounce: Continued prayers for a safe and healthy rest of the pregnancy! When is this little baby due to make his/her appearance?


Wonderful news. May God protect all of you.


Wonderful news… praise God!


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