12 y/o Boy Having Sex Change :O


:eek: I find this totally abominable and horrifying. :nope: What type of parents would let their child have a sex change?! :eek: I’m in a state of shock :bigyikes:

There doubtless is something more to this story than you know.

I just saw a program about intersexuality. It’s been estimated that one in 250 births are intersexuals. And even decades ago I’ve read about people who were raised as one sex, and then when puberty started, the other sex became apparent as the real one.

I once asked my doctor about matters like this, and he cryptically reponded, “In matters of sexuality, things are seldom what they seem.”

So, MYOB, dearie! You’re not called upon to have an opinion in this case.

and yet here you offer one. funny that.:rolleyes:

If you read the story you’d know that this had been going on for more than a while so puberty didn’t have much to do with it.

Most likely a child with XXY chromozones but the parents don’t seem to be handling any of it very well.

Funny how that happens.

Please tell me what opinion I offered on the sex change or on the parents.

Be specific.

Maybe there isn’t anything more to the story. Maybe this is a boy that wants to be a girl and is upset that his classmates didn’t embrace his feelings. :shrug:

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