12 year old boy smashes up Darwin shopping centre

Apparently he was drinking alcohol before doing this :anguished:.
What on earth is going in?
Clearly the parents are neglecting their children as they are often drinking heavily themselves but surely shopping centre security should be allowed to arrest them-otherwise don’t the unruly children learn they can get away with anything?

Copycat violence, fortunately without the weapons, perhaps.
Lord please ensure that the parents are made accountable for the neglect of this minor, or at least require correction of a failure to properly supervise this pre-teen.
To destroy others’ property is another form of theft.
Lord please ensure just restitution for those affected.


Do you think they are seeing their parents being violent and then act it out themselves?

That could be the truth, @Rosellelily.

Dear Lord please help this child to get the love, attention and help he needs from those who can help him the most.

My first thought when I read the headline, was that sometimes kids do really dumb things, and I hope his parents come down on him hard with groundings, etc.

But as I read the article, he was aided and abetted by other kids, and even some grown ups got into the act, participating in the looting?
The heck?

But it seems like this mall has a lot of problems with crime, much bigger than one dumb kid.

When I was a teenager, our local popular mall (and this was in the suburbs), got so bad with non-violent crime like cars broken into and stolen, purse snatching and shoplifting, it got such a bad reputation that even the teenagers didn’t want to go there anymore and they lost a lot of money.
Then the mall beefed up security and it’s a much nicer and safer place now.

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Well, it did take place in Darwin, so maybe it can be understood if we view the perpetrator as a highly-evolved ape.

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When I saw the headline, I thought this was an anti-evolution thread.

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After getting past the notion that a Darwin themed shopping center was an odd thing to even exist, I moved on to realizing that, clearly, it wasn’t the fittest shopping center . . . .:scream::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

Then I read the thread to find that Darwin was a city . . .


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You Americans!


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