12 year old Canadian girl sues father for grounding her...and wins!

Take a look at this, the way the U.S. is going, we aren’t too far behind.

See what happens when American culture is exported around the world?

Well, the stupid parts of American culture I should say.:rolleyes:

Wow… :eek:
That’s just messed up… and the punishment is not even harsh at all! :confused:

Is it against the rules to call this judge a COMPLETE IDIOT?

well, if the shoe fits…:wink:

Yeah, America isn’t too far off. Europe too.

I find it very interesting to note that the issue of dispute between the father and daughter was use of the internet.

Obviously, there is no way to make a direct connection. However, I find it a rather stark coincidence that a secularist court would seem to be preventing a parent from limiting the amount of trash his daughter is exposed to. Consider this: What medium is spreading secularist/modernist depravity more effectively now than the internet?

It’s almost as if they are saying “How dare you keep us from indoctrinating your children?”

Though, as I say, there is no way to directly connect this. Just a coincidence which creates an interesting picture.

It’s still a good connection though… i was kinda thinking the same thing

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