12-year-old Florida girl charged after allegedly pinching boy's butt in school


If you read the article, the boy’s mother insisted on charges.
It’s Florida

12-year-old Florida girl charged after allegedly pinching boy’s butt in school

A 12-year-old girl was arrested and booked into juvenile detention after she allegedly pinched a boy’s butt in school during what she described as a popular game at her Florida school.

The girl is facing misdemeanor battery charges after the incident at Milwee Middle School, which is outside Orlando, and was reportedly read her Miranda Rights, put in the back of a patrol car and later charged.
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OK arresting might be a bit too much.

But the girl’s dad’s reaction is terrible.

It isn’t ok for children to be doing that to each other. What is wrong with “Keep your hands to yourself?”

“Lord, lord, lordy. . . what has this world come to?” asked the girl’s father, whose first name is Ray. “Kids can’t even be kids, and that’s basically what it is. She’s 12 years old, she was acting like a 12-year-old child.” Fox News typically neither names minors charged with crimes, nor reveals the last names of their parents, to fully protect the identities.


I really feel sorry for that boy. The girl will do fine. She will go to a program and the charge will be dismissed. In years to come, she will know what a messed up country we have become. The poor boy is still stuck with a mother that believes in filing charges for anything she can to protect him from any pain. If he can overcome sissification, he still will have to learn some day to stand on his own feet, a task that may never happen with this mother.


Stupid beyond belief. I say again, stupid beyond belief.

Judge: “How old are you?”

Girl: Twelve.

Judge: “Why did you pinch this boy’s butt?”

Girl: It was just playing a game.

Front Page News: 12 year old girl charged after pinching boy’s butt

                         Now faces misdemeanor battery charges

Job interview ten years later: “Have you ever been charged for a misdemeanor offense?”

Ed :rolleyes::rolleyes:


The arrest was excessive. Suspension was more than enough.


When I was 12, I was staying away from the gross immature boys in my class.

12 year olds should not be touching anyone like this.

What if a boy had done this to the girl? Would the response have been “boys will be boys”?



And to think I got into fights with other guys on the playground and half the time we didn’t get so much as a warning.


Why would someone go to the trouble to press charges over this? I have a hard time believing that this only happened once. Even if it did, the father’s reaction seems even more extreme than the mother’s. 7th graders don’t have some sort of God-given right to pinch other people’s rear ends! How would he feel if the boy, rather than seeking the assistance of an adult, just hauled off and punched the girl’s face in? What sort of “popular game” involves pinching a boy you admit that you don’t even know? A “game” involves consenting players not random strangers. It’s ridiculous that the court’s time is being wasted on this. The school should have dealt with it before it was allowed to become a “popular game”.


My thoughts exactly. How embarrassing for this boy that his mom acted out so publicly. He still has the rest of middle school and all of high school to face with these people!

Also, the world is nuts. I had my butt grabbed by a boy at around the age of 12. The teacher explained why that was inappropriate and gave him detention. Life went on and that kid is now a successful pharmacist.


If every student who was to touch the butt of an opposite sex student in high school were arrested, how many would be in jail right now?


Sorry. This is one move too close to the pier. I mean really? REALLY?

A girl pinches a guy’s butt and this happens? For crying out loud.

And the dad’s reaction was fine. He was mystified. He’s still normal. He hasn’t sexualized every single act done out of fun and play. Unlike the rest of society.

I mean what a way. What a thought. As if the girl was really after a jolly time in that way. Please.

A common scene growing up was to pinch someone not wearing green on St. Patrick’s day. Is this now assault today? Are we so hands off that we can’t even tolerate a bit of childishness?

And yeah. If the boy had pinched her I’d be just as lost with a society that sucker-punched him for that.

I mean we preach tolerance and understanding all the day long. But when push comes to shove (or pinch) we get all twisted in knots. And for what? What is this girl learning that a five minute talk wouldn’t have fixed?

This over-action has probably instead caused her a life-long distrust of law and order. And for good reason.

Let me off this ride. It’s too crowded with crazy.


In our school when I was in eighth grade, the boys used to bring pins to school, probably from their mothers’ sewing baskets.

They would stick pins in the girls. (Usually the butt, but more likely anywhere else they could get near, like an arm, a thigh, a neck, etc.)

The girls would go home from school, sometimes their clothing stained with blood. But the girls enjoyed the attention! I used to steer clear of the boys as much as possible because I did not want to be a pin cushion.


Today they’d all be arrested. Some of them possibly shot. :rolleyes:


Ed, I’m not quite sure that stupid beyond belief comes remotely close to even describing it! Remember the 7-year-old boy who was suspended for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun? Or the Washington state elementary school students that got suspended for bringing a Nerf gun to school? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: What comes after stupid beyond belief?

Peace, Mark


Next is tortured and then shot :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Yeah tolerance. Let’s all go to public places and schools with armed security guards, video cameras and a lawyer on retainer. Speak only when necessary. Do not interact without written consent, and then go home and lock all your doors. Avoid strangers at all costs.

If you don’t, you risk arrest. And segregated playgrounds with surveillance and armed guards.

Ed :rolleyes:


Western Civilization has some issues with the butt:

Parents can’t spank their kids’, ladies in general are infatuated with their own, now a girl gets arrested for pinching a boy’s.



I think you’ve summed it up nicely.



I don’t know. Judges and law enforcement, not to mention teachers and principals going along with this? For years, I’ve seen classrooms gradually change from rules of behavior, respecting the teacher, learning what is taught, and passing on to the next grade, turn into “experimental laboratories” where so-called experts who either want to impose their worldview or who are bored out of their minds, want change at any cost. And who best to experiment on than malleable, immature kids?

I have to believe it comes in two parts. Part one is designed to condition children to accept this or that ideology. Part two is designed to create problems to justify the activities of so-called experts. Who would otherwise be twiddling their thumbs.

There’s no money in solving problems. And there’s an advantage to shaping young minds without mom or dad in the room.

There used to be a class called Civics, so that you could learn how to behave in the outside world in a civilized manner.

Social disorder creates jobs and creates situations for people to make money and/or push their ideology on others. Social stability? Learning to read, write, do research, do math and being a responsible person? You might turn into a stable, educated adult. There’s no money in that. And worse - it would be boring, according to some.

The god Change demands well… change. The saying of the miserable: “The only constant is change.” Uh Uh. The only constant is stability, planning for potential problems and enjoying life in a healthy manner. I lived through it.



It is absolutely ridiculous for a girl or boy to pinch anyone in the butt. There should be consequences.



What about the cops in this…what officer in their right mind would actually arrest someone for this? LOL

When I was in school, up to high school, pinching or slapping butts was pretty common, in fact, I think this was even common in the workplace not too long ago. I remember this happening at a place I worked quite a bit years ago, the women would just shake their head, laugh and go on with what they were doing, and chalk it up to ‘men being men’.

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