12 year old muslim boy beheads captive


On foxnews there is a report of a new muslim atrocity. That’s right a NEW one and here I thought they had plumbed the depths of depravity. A man who had done translation work was tortured and executed. By a 12 year old boy! I guess this is CCD for muslims. They all shouted Allah akbar. Now aren’t muslims supposedly outraged by alleged torture at gitmo? Yet here they are doing it for the glory of their god. And teaching their children to hate and murder. Religion of peace?

Btw, those 3 martyrs in Turkey were also tortured before being murdered. 2 were converts. No compulsion in religion?


Link to report?


It’s all over the press. www.foxnews.com


It really proves the extent of the brain washing!
A 12 year old should be out playing games not playing military man. :mad:


Disgusting, may God give them what they deserve.


This isn’t going to stop until islam reforms and unequivocally renounces violence. Where are the riots and protests? Why aren’t muslims raising a fuss?


These people are savages. When will we wake up to that basic ***FACT?***:mad:


Part of the video is posted at the little green footballs website. It is NOT for the fainthearted. If you question, as some do, who the good guys and bad guys are then watch this video.


How’s he going to cope with 70 virgins?


That’s not a very good logic really. Look at all the horrible things Stalin’s done, there’s no doubt Hitler’s the good guy here!


Why? Are both/either doing the work of Jesus?


Logical analogy.


Seriously? Why? Let me guess…

Stalinist Soviet Union invaded and subjugated Muslim lands=BAD

Hitler killed 6,000,000+ Jews, Christians, homosexuals, and gypsies=GOOD

Honestly, this is the third time this week I have seen Hitler exalted on this forum. Am I missing something?


Based on what I see, Islam glorifies the sinful nature of man in a lot of ways. The 70 virgin thing appeals to fleshly lust, Jihad appeals to violent and hateful tendancies, and the ritualistic praying and rule following appeals to man’s sinful idea that he can attone for his own sins.:mad:


Illogical analogy.

This rebuttal serves enough for your own two-worded ‘argument’


Indeed, and Islam absolves people of personal guilt. If you rape a woman it’s probably she was wearing clothes that justified it.


Wow, I’ve actually heard Muslims say that before too! :frowning:


That’s the thing, Islam - it’s the way of evil and lies.


Kad, do you want to win me over, not to islam, but to taking a less negative view of it? Then let me see tomorrow 50,000 muslims in the streets protesting this terrorist murder and the misuse of this child. Show us that you really mean it when you say you oppose terrorism. Prove that you are willing to take a hard look at your religion and make the changes necessary.


Even when people point the Koranic horrors out they blame non-Arabs for poor interpretations… as if the Arabic language is the only one in the world that can’t be properly translated.

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